Polish programs will include an exam in the Ukrainian language

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Polish curricula will include an exam in Ukrainian

Secondary school graduates in Poland will take an exam in the Ukrainian language, the innovation should first appear in 2026, Onet Wiadomosci reports, citing changes to the certification program for students preparing at the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland.

"A wide influx of Ukrainian citizens to Poland due to with hostilities on the territory of this country may increase the interest of Poles in this country, its language and culture”, & ndash; explain in the Ministry of Education of Poland.

It is known that in Poland final exams in secondary schools are also entrance exams to higher educational institutions.

Now Polish applicants at the final certification must choose one of the languages : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, Ukrainian can be included in the list of foreign languages ​​​​of choice as early as 2026.

The decision to include the Ukrainian language in exams in high school should be issued in the second half 2023.

Now in Poland, only young people, for whom it is native, must pass the Ukrainian language exam. According to the Central Examination Commission (CEC), in 2022 there were 59 such candidates in five universities.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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