Polish prime minister spoke about aviation for Ukraine

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Polish prime minister spoke about aviation for Ukraine

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The transfer of F-16 multi-role fighters or other aircraft to Ukraine is possible only in close coordination with other NATO allies, as was the case with Leopard tanks.

About this at a press conference with Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak during a visit to the 18th Mechanized Division named after Lieutenant General Tadeusz Buk in Siedlce, said Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, reports the portal WNP.pl.

The Prime Minister and the Defense Minister were asked whether measures would be taken regarding F-16 multi-role fighters and long-range weapons, following the example of the Polish government's international pressure to transfer tanks to Ukraine.

“We are coordinating with our partners in NATO all actions to strengthen the defense forces of Ukraine, including the delivery of Patriot to Ukraine, as well as the organization of a powerful tank group in the form of Leopard and modern tanks. All this was pressure from our side, but also agreements with the United States,” Morawiecki said.

“Just as it was a few months ago, in the context of MiGs, any other aircraft will be used and , possibly transferred in agreement with NATO countries. We will act in full coordination,” the head of the Polish government said.

The head of the Ministry of Defense stressed that Poland's position in the international arena is growing. According to him, Poland supports Ukraine in a real and not just symbolic way. “We make sure that Putin does not restore the Russian Empire, because the restoration of the Russian Empire means a threat to Poland,” he said.

“We brought the Patriot to Ukraine, and we were told that it impossible. We have formed a coalition of countries that have Leopard tanks, this process is being implemented. All this testifies to the effectiveness of the Polish authorities, the effectiveness of the actions of the president and the Polish government,” Blaschak said.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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