Polish army recruited over 13,000 volunteers

Polish army recruited over 13,000 volunteers

Polish army recruited over 13,000 volunteers p>

In the camp this year, over 13,000 Polish volunteers signed up for military service. Minister of Defense Mariusz Blashchak said about it on the air TVP.

"Hopefully, there will be more applications in the spring, autumn and autumn. We prepared 15,000 months for this fate. If necessary, we know. We want more people to be trained, to be well behaved, to be better organized", – assigning guilt.

Significantly, as a result of the new law, voluntary military duty has been introduced in Poland. You can serve as leather, who has never been in the army before. After completing military training, later on you can join the reserve or join the professional army.

Volunteer service begins with a 28-day basic training course. Then the recruit will learn the rules of construction training, the military statutes and the reasons for quitting.

Those who fail to continue the training will be transferred to the reserve. Reshta takes up to 11 months of special training. After the end of the military service, a volunteer can apply for professional, territorial or reserve service.

As part of the volunteer service, 4,560 zlotys ($960) are paid.

BAGNET recalls  fortunately, earlier Polish President Andrzej Duda announced plans to increase defense spending and increase the number of the army.

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