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Police officers pointed an electric gun at their colleague «  

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Alberta RCMP officers allegedly pointed a conducted energy weapon, commonly known as a “Taser gun,” at their colleague.


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In recent investigation, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) calls out the behavior of police officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who allegedly pointed an electric shock weapon, commonly known as a “Taser gun,” at their colleague. However, the police will not face criminal charges.

A series of incidents reportedly occurred in the summer of 2019 at the offices of the Elk Point RCMP detachment, northeast of Edmonton. A civilian employee of the police force complained that on several occasions an electric gun was aimed at her.

She knew they had pointed at her because she saw the red laser from the gun pulse, used as a target, on it, describes the report.

During the investigation, one of the officers testified that the police officers had indeed pointed their pistols at colleagues, sometimes as a joke, but that they were not loaded with a cartridge and therefore could not fire.

The investigation report of the ASIRT maintains that a person can feel threatened by a conducted energy weapon without a cartridge.

At the same time, the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service also conducted an investigation and determined that the police officers' behavior did not warrant criminal charges. /p>

ASIRT concludes that although the evidence collected in this investigation is insufficient to bring specific criminal charges, there is evidence of the misuse of conducted energy weapons at the Elk Point Detachment.

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He also affirms that possible sanctions could be applied by the RCMP .

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