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The majority of conflicts which have ended in public shootings have originated on social networks for three years, recall the police.

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The SQ and the SPVM closely monitor movements in Montreal's criminal environment. (Archive photo)

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The year 2024 could begin with an escalation of violence within the criminal world, police fear. At the source of several provocations, a well-known criminal would have attracted the attention of investigators from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) because he now claims Gregory Woolley's status as “godfather of street gangs” before he was shot and killed.

Identified as Ahna Otna by our sources at the SPVM and SQ criminal investigations, he quickly attracted attention with his Snapchat account by multiplying incendiary statements on the murder of Gregory Woolley, which occurred in front of the latter's wife and their baby of three days.

Also known by the nickname Tupac (2-Pac), the criminal, now 38 years old, has always played the role of ' henchman for the Italian mafia or criminal bikers, according to our sources.

This individual has never been of the caliber of what we call decision-makers in organized crime. It has nothing to do with the reputation that Woolley had built in the criminal world. He is not in the same league, says a contact at the SQ.

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Ahna Otna, alias Tupac, has been known to the police for his criminal activities for more than 10 years.

Both on the side of the SPVM and that of the SQ , the police consider that Ahna Otna conveys falsehoods on social networks.

However, Otna's recent comments only fuel the tense climate in the criminal environment, which the population of the metropolis does not need, worry investigators specializing in organized crime.

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Unsurprisingly, his ambitions to become the next godfather of street gangs are not unanimous. Police say they contacted Otna Monday evening for a duty to warn(responsibility to warn), because a price would now be put on his head.

He is a criminal of African origin, who speaks in French, English and Portuguese. He never hid his dislike for Gregory Woolley, whom he saw as a nuisance to his rise in the streets. This was a known fact in the world of street gangs, analyzes a source at the SPVM who does not have authorization to comment publicly on ongoing criminal investigations.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The SPVM and the SQ recall that the majority of conflicts which ended in public shootings originated on social networks between factions of street gangs, for three years.

He believes he has the means to achieve his ambitions by imposing himself through fear and violence. He has access to several small groups of armed criminals, capable of carrying out jobs to pass messages, and capable of opening fire, adds this same police officer in Montreal.

Ahna Otna is not only active in the criminal world: he also has a life as a music artist, under the name Tupac, presenting as a rapper.

According to the public judicial register, he faced justice in 2012 for drug trafficking and trafficking for the benefit of a criminal organization. Subsequently, he was arrested a few more times for aggravated assault, extortion and threats to cause death or bodily harm.

To ensure his safety, he travels in an armored SUV vehicle, in addition to living in a luxury condo tower in the heart of downtown Montreal. He is in the culture of music and violence, indicates a second police source at the SPVM.

He was a close friend of Frantz Louis, nicknamed "Big Brother", murdered with a gun while getting out of his car in the Ahuntsic neighborhood in November 2020, specifies this same investigator.

Until 2021, he was considered a close associate of mafioso Davide Barberio. The police claim that he was his henchman to carry out extortion aimed at settling debts from sports betting or usurious loans, but that a conflict ended their relationship. ;business.

Today, Ahna Otna is linked by the police to Patrick Lock, a member of the Hells Angels. Targeted by an attempted murder that occurred on July 21, 2022 in a café on rue Jean-Talon, Lock would have obtained a guarantee of protection from Ahna Otna as a sign of loyalty.

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