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Police budget  : “There's no cutting”, says Chow

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Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow rejects Police Chief Myron Demkiw's claim that the city will slash the department's budget this year.


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Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow defends herself against accusations from Police Chief Myron Demkiw that the proposed 2024 budget poses “unacceptable risks” to public safety.

Chief Demkiw says preliminary budget contains $12.6 million in cuts to his department.

Mayor Chow counters that the City is investing millions more in the police this year.

The proposed budget is, however, lower than what the police service is demanding, which wants to hire more officers.

Mayor Chow says she requested a briefing note from officials to calculate the exact increase in the police budget. She refuses to give in to pressure from Chief Demkiw.

Loading in progressFive 2018 Junior Team Canada players ordered to surrender to police

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: Five 2018 Junior Team Canada players ordered to surrender to police clear: there is no cut [in the police budget].

A quote from Olivia Chow, Mayor of Toronto

$1 out of every $5 of your tax bill goes to the police, it's a substantial investment, she replies.

Budget chief Shelley Carroll says her budget proposal contains funds for hiring agents.

Ms. Chow adds that the The city will extend its help service for people in psychological distress to its entire territory next year, which will help reduce the volume of 911 calls, she said. /p>

For their part, groups are outright calling for a reduction in the police budget, saying that it would be better to invest more in housing and mental health assistance, in particular.

Police chief says he needs more money as break-ins and auto thefts reach record highs in Toronto and population does not feel safe.

The police force is even campaigning on this subject on social media. The time to respond to the most urgent calls is now 22.6 minutes. It was 12.8 minutes in 2010. We had 600 more police officers at the time, police say on “>In a press briefing on Wednesday, Ms. Chow reacted cautiously to this campaign. People have the right to express themselves, she said. But I repeat that the increase in funds [for the police] is substantial.

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