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Poland will restore the buffer zone on the border with Belarus

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

Poland will restore the buffer zone on the border with Belarus

Photo: 5-meter metal barrier on the border between Poland and Belarus

On Thursday, Poland will re-introduce a buffer zone on the border with Belarus, Deputy Head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs Czeslaw Mroczek said on Monday, June 10. He explained that we are talking about increasing the level of border security after the death of a Polish soldier who was stabbed in a fight with migrants, reports Reuters.

The border has become a hotbed of tension since people began to flock there in 2021 migrants after Belarusian travel agencies opened in the Middle East, offering a new unofficial route to Europe.

However, when the former Polish government introduced a buffer zone in 2021 and then ordered the construction of a 5-meter metal barrier at the border, this has damaged tourism.

As Mroczek said, the new decree of the Polish government will come into force on Thursday, June 13.

He added that the length of the buffer zone will exceed 60 km. The deputy minister explained that the buffer zone is being introduced on two sections of the border marked by the largest number of attempts at illegal crossing.

In most sections it will extend into Polish territory by 200 meters, and the maximum length (in the Belovezhsky Forest) will be 2 kilometer.

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