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Poland will massively equip Rosomak armored personnel carriers with a new ZSSW-30 turret

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

Poland will massively equip Rosomak armored personnel carriers with a new ZSSW-30 turret

According to a recent Defense24 publication dated June 3, 2024, two major contracts for Rosomak launchers equipped with ZSSW-30 turrets are scheduled for this year. The first contract, to be signed in the coming weeks, is for 58 Rosomak transporters in the standard version. The second contract, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024, concerns the purchase of 174 vehicles of the KTO Rosomak-L type with an elongated body. All these cars will be equipped with the new, more powerful Scania DC13 engine developed in Sweden. These developments underscore the Polish Army's continued commitment to modernization and strengthening of land defense capabilities.

The ZSSW-30, a high-tech remote-controlled weapons station, is a product of the Polish company Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), developed in partnership with WB Electronics between 2013 and 2021. Designed to match the vehicle's hull protection, this turret is armed with a versatile 30mm ATK-44 chain gun and a twin UKM-2000S machine gun, a 7.62×51 NATO caliber weapon that replaces the Soviet-era PKT. It is also equipped with two launchers equipped with Spike-LR anti-tank guided missiles. To increase accuracy and operational capabilities, the ZSSW-30 is equipped with a sophisticated computerized fire control system and a laser range finder. Upgradable to 40mm x 180 caliber with programmable ammunition, this advanced turret system also includes a Polish developed 'hunter-killer/killer-killer' fire control system. with PCO optical-electronic heads. The turret is already working on the “Badger” infantry fighting vehicle. (BMP) and is expected to be installed on the future heavy infantry fighting vehicle (CBWP), underscoring its critical role in the modernization of armored fighting vehicles.

The newly acquired Wolverines will be powered by the new Scania DC13 engine, which will replace the old Scania DI12 model, which is no longer in production. At the same time, the Polish army began to receive the first Rosomak with ZSSW-30 turrets, integrating these existing machines with new folding turrets.

Following the successful completion of qualification tests at the end of 2021, a contract for the supply of 70 wheeled armored vehicles was signed in 2022, with a final delivery date of 2027. The first samples have already been deployed as part of the 21st Pidgal Rifle Brigade. It is important to note that although the Rosomak carrier equipped with a ZSSW-30 turret was float tested, the results showed that the military considered the buoyancy margin to be insufficient, which led to the exclusion of this capability from the final requirements.

It will be recalled that the intention to conclude a contract for a new armored personnel carrier (APC “Rosomak”) equipped with a ZSSW-30 turret was structured in two stages, probably with the aim of speeding up deliveries. According to Lieutenant Colonel Polyak, the first delivery of machines under this contract is expected in 2026, and the delivery of more advanced versions of the carriers is planned for the period 2027-2029. The framework contract provides for the purchase of 341 armored personnel carriers equipped with the ZSSW system, most of which are planned after the completion of the specified agreements. The supply of APCs for the Polish army is particularly relevant, especially since, in addition to a large number of BWP-1s, several dozen vehicles equipped with Hitfist turrets have already been sent to Ukraine. In the future, these "Rosomaxes" a new model of the wheeled armored personnel carrier, the development of which was started last year, will arrive.

WB Group explored potential improvements to the ZSSW-30 turret, including the integration of artificial intelligence into the fire control system, which would expand its capabilities. This turret is also able to adapt to different types of anti-tank guided missiles. In December 2023, the Armaments Agency expressed its intention to equip “Rosomak” machines with anti-tank missiles. Two initiatives are currently underway for the additional supply of Rosomak APC vehicles equipped with ZSSW-30 anti-tank missile launchers. This includes the acquisition of 58 ROSOMAK CTOs equipped with ZSSW-30 with SPIKE-LR ATGM missiles, and another 174 CTOs that are planned to be integrated into systems from various suppliers. Among the suppliers of SPIKE and JAVELIN ATGMs, the final decision on the choice of ATGMs depends on the results of the ongoing procedures and negotiations on the transfer of technology with foreign partners for the Polish defense industry.

In terms of protection, Rosomak boasts modular armor that can be upgraded accordingly to mission requirements. Its main armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell fragments. Conversely, additional armor modules can offer increased protection against more serious threats, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and anti-tank mines. Airborne combat equipment includes modern communication systems, battlefield management system (BMS), modern fire control systems, which ensures effective coordination and interaction during combat operations.

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