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Poland hosted the third exhibition-conference ReBuild Ukraine Health & Rehabilitation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

Poland hosted the third exhibition-conference ReBuild Ukraine Health & Rehabilitation

Podia about’ A collection of leading experts, new solutions and international evidence for the renewal and reform of the health care system and rehabilitation in Ukraine.

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The founder of the humanitarian organization ZDOROVI, Natalia Tulinova, acted as a speaker at two Maidans at the event “Evidence and a cry in the sphere of human capital renewal.” and “Provision of medical care in the hour of war.”

Poland hosted its third exhibition-conference Iya ReBuild Ukraine Health & Rehabilitation

Nataliya Tulinova shared cases of ZDOROVI robots, which, from the beginning of large-scale invasion, took the position of prominent leadership to support and modernize Ukrainian medicine. Zokrema taught the participants about mutual relations with donors through integrity in the reporting mechanisms and the interaction of donors with local humanitarian aid organizations.

What is the value є founder of ZDOROVI:“The rise of ZDOROVI as a top supplier of humanitarian medical resources and a key leader in medical projects and reforms has become an organic manifestation of global confidence in a disorderly sector. ZDOROVI worked effectively in these areas, where the sovereign rulers experienced failure. The importance of ZDOROVI to operate in the most developed regions and deoccupied places was recognized and praised by both national stakeholders and international organizations. Our cases impress colleagues from other countries with comprehensive results and real results.” =” Poland hosted the third exhibition-conference ReBuild Ukraine Health & Rehabilitation” />

Previously, the humanitarian organization ZDOROVI took first place in the nomination “Goodness in Health’ at the National Competition “Blessed Ukraine” – 2023”.

The large-scale humanitarian work ZDOROVI is being carried out in collaboration with international partners, including ISAR United Nations, Global Giving, Americares, USAID, Action Against Hunger, International Rescue Committee , Nova Ukraine, Razom for Ukraine, Stichting Vluchteling, MedGlobal, GIZ, CMMB, MedShare, International Fund “Vidrodzhennia”  other charitable foundations and organizations.

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