Pol Granch: “Let the hates come and hate me, I'm going to be at the foot of the canyon”

Pol Granch: “Let the hates come and hate me, I'm going to be at the foot of the canyon”

Pol Granch has many ballots to become the crush of thousands of teenagers thanks to his upcoming participation in Elite. But he is not an actor to use and has been criticized for it. He became known in 2018 after winning the X Factor and has already released an EP and an album with Sony

Pol Granch:

Pol Granch (1998) has many ballots to become the crush of thousands of adolescents thanks to his next participation in Elite (Netflix). Of Franco-Spanish origin, she has a magnetic personality that goes from insecurity to certainty in just seconds. The typical protagonist of a youth series that, without waiting, catches you. Kind of like Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl . But Pol is not a typical actor and has been quite criticized for it.

He became known in 2018 after winning X Factor unexpectedly and with the support of Laura Pausini. He was not the favorite and many pointed out that his war with Risto Mejide was what gave him the victory to the detriment of the judge's favorite.

When he left, he feared for the bubble that augured his career, swelling fast to explode shortly after. “A chip changed in my head. I thought I have a thousand things to say and express and God won't stop me.” Since then, he has released an EP and an album, I have to calm down (2020), which has already reached the Gold Record.

Q. – Do I have to calm down is a message to yourself?

A.- Yes, because I have realized that since I left the program, everything came to me very suddenly from different aspects and it was super ephemeral. Like I didn't know anything.

Q.- Do you still feel out of place?

R.- Completely, but I like it. It's a bit masochistic because I say 'I have to calm down' but I never want to calm down because maybe what I think or what I write will stop coming out.

Q.- Have you been afraid of being considered less of an artist for leaving a TV contest?

A.- A little yes. And above how I won it. The idea got into my head that the person who wins is the one who doesn't come out on top. But the show didn't have a huge impact either, so it was a stepping stone, but I notice that I have had to remove the beans.

Q.- Both during the program and after you have received criticism. How do you wear them?

R.- Fatal. I can see 300 positive comments and one negative one and that's it … Now it happens to me less because I see that there is a generalized hatred. But at first I was sorry. I was thinking, 'Damn, why do you have the need to hate me so much and wish me death?' Now I'm enduring it even though I don't like to see it. Of course, I love everything that is constructive criticism and I assimilate it.

Q.- Before starting the interview, you told me that you are afraid of your mobile …

A.- Not afraid, but I do respect. I am a face to face person. It's like I don't know how to express myself on my mobile. I don't know how to caption a photo, I spend two hours thinking what to upload … And while I see that people express themselves perfectly and write the right things. It gives me respect. I don't know how to express myself 100% and I don't like it.

In addition, through the networks everyone can say what they want behind a blank photo that does not even see their face. Everyone expands and everyone comes from Toulouse, who knows everything and knows everything. And I freak out.

Q.- Have you always doubted what to share on Instagram or only since you've been known?

A.- Before I didn't even know that it was a social network. I saw it as a platform to upload photos and that's it, I didn't even think about it. But now knowing the impact it has and the importance of social networks, I think about it too much. It's because I know that later I'm going to get into the messages and I'm going to read the bad things and it's something that I don't feel like having because I have a bad drink.

Q.- It's funny because with 20 years it is normal to be glued to the mobile all day.

R.- Yes, yes, I am. I am a gossip. I'm on Instagram and gossiping everything. But what it is to interact and communicate I have to practice it.

P. Why do all the lyrics on the album talk about love or lack of love?

R.- Because I am a dramas. My life revolves around that. Although sometimes I use love as a basis and from there I try to tell other things. I believe that without love and without heartbreak there is nothing. It's what I limp and talk about.

Q.- In Chocolatito's video, the androgynous aesthetic is striking where you appear in stockings. Why that idea?

R.- We wanted to break stereotypes. I wanted to go out as I please, I feel comfortable. I want to break, I want to remove stereotypes. Lately in music there are very Nazi parts, so to speak. Music is supposed to be revolution, freedom, and every time I see more oppression and more 'if this one does that genre why does this other one?' I wanted to express that 'it does not matter what you do as long as it is what you have inside'. I think that everything has become very tight and that some genres have been positioned and it seems that you cannot get out of there.

Q.- I do believe that there are many people trying different things and experimenting with genres

A.- It is true that every time I see more urban people who want to go to the maistream and the mainstream want to go to the urban. And that's cool. But I notice that some are doing it when they used to say otherwise. And then I throw stones at my roof and I think: 'Pol, maybe you don't have a personality. How can you get a little bit from here and a little bit from there? '

P. Has it cost you to find your own style?

R. It is that that is the thing, that I have never looked for my own style. I have never wanted to find my own style because everything that I force does not exist. I'm not going to be able to do it. I'm vomiting everything that comes out and if it's more pop, then pop, and if it's something dramatic, then too. I love 50cent and Carla Morrison, for example.

Q.- What scares you at this moment?

R.- Right now I am not afraid, I have demons but I know they are a lie. I have the bull seized by the horns, and let hates come and hate me without knowing, that I am going to be here at the foot of the canyon.

There are times when I think that I will never be able to compose again. I say maybe my chance is over, I have become stupid and I will not get any more songs. Before I thought: 'you have to be inspired, you are an artist, you have to be creating all the time, write all the time, make paper balls, let's go'. But there came a point where I said: If I can't write today, then to something else. ' Now be discerned.

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