Pokémon Violet/Scarlet: the game broke this impressive record before its release

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While many explore the wilds of Paldea, others keep count of new Pokémon games Violet/Éscarlet. The latter have just exploded a previous internal record within The Pokémon Company. A flying start for a game in which fans have placed a lot of hope. 

Pokémon Violet/Éscarlet: The game broke this impressive record before release

Pokémon: A well-deserved record; ?

Pokémon Purple/ÉScarlet has just been released. Players learn about its Pokédex, Pokémon, Paldea region, and new game mechanics and features. This weekend promises to be busy. in emotions, whether it is the joy and the pleasure of the discovery or the anger and the frustration of having paid; 60€ for a game with a lot of bugs and visually very below the standards of the Nintendo Switch. On Twitter, fans quickly howled; to the scandal, judging it incomprehensible that an official game Pokémon could be so much at stake. picks it up on the graphics, comparing the game to; at the same time Xenoblade Chronicles, àgrave; Zelda: Breath of the Wild and also at older games from the Game Cube or PS2, such as Dragon Quest VIII.

But yet, that did not prevent customers and fans of the license to mass pre-order the opus of the ninth generation. Indeed, the Japanese media Oricon shared an interview with Takahito Utsunomiya, chief operating officer of The Pokémon Company. According to him, the last game of the Pokémon license would have been the most pre-ordered game. in the entire history of games, without giving exact figures (nor if they take into account the dematerialized versions). His predecessor, Pokémon Ésword and Shield was sold to him at 10:00 p.m. more than 24.5 million copies worldwide (6 million at launch) and had also broken the pre-sales record. Early estimates point to around 1.2 million pre-orders worldwide, based on figures from retail chain COMG in Niigata Prefecturehaving also recorded a huge increase in pre-sales of the game: 1200 for Pokémon Purple/ÉScarlet against 641 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and 797 for Monster Hunter Rise, holder of the previous record in Japan. Takahito also took advantage of this. to announce that ` to date, over 440 million Pokémon gameshave been sold worldwide since 1996 and the release of the first games in Japan.

Pok&eacute ;my Violet/Éscarlet: the game broke this impressive record before its release

Pokémon Violet/Éscarlet: the new Cyberpunk 2077?

Be sure of one thing, you'll be hearing about Pokémon Purple/ÉScarlet for months, but not especially for the right reasons. The game had to respond to; many problems, carried a lot of hope on his shoulders and was to be the renewal of the franchise. After 8 generations of straight-line RPGs, the player can roam the world map almost freely, has three main quests they can do in any order they choose, and to about 20 hours of content before finishing everything. Mechanically, the game is saluted; by fans and the press. Game Freak managed to change its formula keeping the Pokémon essence. Unfortunately, so does Sword/Shield and Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it's visually and technically dramatic: the game is ugly and full of bugs that can severely impact player progress. 

Pokémon Violet/Écarlate: the game broke this impressive record before its release

Some try to find explanations for the question: How could one of the most lucrative licenses in the world be so late? deadlines that are too short. One major game every three years, plus one spin-off per year. Others question the management of Game Freak, and in particular the “noble” desire of the director to want to keep a company at home. human size. In 2022, the studio has only 169 employees. By comparison, CD Project Red, which publishes The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, had 859 in 2019, when the buggiest game was in development. of the world. The ball is in the players' court, and the players must make their voices heard if they want things to change. of the Japanese company.