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Poilievre mocks summit on auto theft

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Pierre Poilievre took advantage of his caucus to announce his four priorities during the next parliamentary session, namely “cut taxes, build housing, repair the budget and stop crime”.

The Canadian Press

The Conservative leader ridiculed on Sunday the national summit on car thefts which occur in most major Canadian cities, as announced a week ago by the government liberal.

The good news is that Justin Trudeau is organizing a summit, a big summit. There's going to be another meeting. Thank goodness: politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists will all get together and send you the bill for their hotel rooms. Don't worry: a summit is underway, he said during a speech to his caucus.

In fact, Poilievre said, Canadians don't need another summit. We need a common-sense plan to stop theft and end crime, he said. And that's what the conservatives will do. He also pledged to strengthen borders and that shipping containers be inspected and scanned.

He had just told stories intended to demonstrate how insane the car thefts and the authorities' response had become. In one case, a businessman was fined for approaching the container where his stolen car was located, according to a tracking system. He therefore lost his car and paid a fine for trying to recover it, he summarized.

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York, Peel and City of Toronto police services reported record numbers of car thefts in 2023. (Photo archives)

In another case, a man on the phone with a 911 agent after having his car parked in front of his home stolen and after seeing that thieves were trying to take his second car was reportedly answered. : Let them take the car after discussing the idea of ​​confronting the thieves.

Car thefts have become an increasingly serious problem across the country. According to industry data, the rate of auto theft increased by 50% in Quebec and 48.3% in Ontario in 2022. Greater Toronto Police Services say they have seen an increase of 104% of the number of car hijackings from 2021 to 2022.

In his speech, Mr. Poilievre also announced his four priorities for next parliamentary session: Cut taxes, build housing, fix the budget and stop crime.

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In English, on the other hand, his first priority was to scrap the carbon tax. This is synonymous with tax cuts, according to his team.

As he does regularly, Mr. Poilievre rattled off a host of statistics to support his assertions about the lives of Canadians after eight years of Justin Trudeau, a life where everything costs more and where crime and chaos reign in the streets.

Canadians do not have to live like this and do not have to give up affordable food and housing in safe neighborhoods […] because of incompetence and incompetence. x27;ego of one man.

We can do better, he insisted to his troops.

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For months, Pierre Poilievre has been putting forward the idea that the next elections should focus on the abolition of the carbon tax. (Archive photo)

[In French], Mr. Poilievre also attacked the Bloc Québécois, judging that' he carries the odiousness of keeping the liberals in power through a so-called costly coalition.

In the English version of his speech, he instead attacked the coalition with the New Democratic Party (NDP), in reference to the agreement concluded almost two years ago which allows the Liberals to maintain power in exchange for key elements, including a national dental care program.

In recent days, Justin Trudeau has focused his attacks on the Conservative leader. In a speech to his own caucus, he accused him of spreading conspiracy theories about climate change and voting against free trade with Ukraine to appease supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pierre Poilievre and his team voted against the Canada Child Benefit and the Canada Dental Benefit, Mr. Trudeau said . They voted against $10-a-day daycare and against programs for the elderly.

As parliamentary proceedings are set to resume in the House on Monday of the Commons, the Liberals are still well behind in voting intentions at the national level. The Conservatives are ahead by 13 points and would be well placed to form a majority government, according to the most recent projections from polling aggregator Canada338.

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