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Poilievre criticizes Plante's presence in front of the liberals

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The mayoress of Montreal says it was invited to Justin Trudeau's Council of Ministers, meeting in Montreal, to talk about the reality of the housing crisis in its city and in Quebec.

The Canadian Press

Pierre Poilievre on Monday launched new insults at the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, by commenting negatively on her participation in the meeting of Justin Trudeau's Council of Ministers , which is held in a room at the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal.

After saying that there is no link between municipalities and the federal government, the mayor of Montreal attends the Trudeau Cabinet meeting. Another incompetent, said the Conservative leader on allow more construction, like Trois-Rivières and Saguenay, and to penalize those which slow it down.

In another publication, he shared an article from Journal de Montréaldating from May which reported that Valérie Plante was soliciting funds from the provincial and federal governments to finance the construction of social housing.

What incompetence, has -he writes. One day she said that municipal housing has nothing to do with the federal government. Two days later, she said the exact opposite.

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Mr. Poilievre made headlines last week by calling the mayors of Montreal and Quebec, Valérie Plante and Bruno Marchand, incompetent, accusing the Liberal government of paying billions to these mayors despite what he describes as a massive drop in construction in Quebec.

Speaking briefly to journalists on her way to the meeting, which is being held in a chic Montreal hotel, Mayor Plante said she had been invited to talk about the reality of the housing crisis in her city and in Quebec. She refused to answer questions.

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Last week, Mayor Plante replied to Mr. Poilievre that common sense , it is also to understand that in Quebec, federal funding for housing does NOT go through the cities. Mayor Marchand, for his part, accused him of engaging in petty politics.

In Quebec, legislative provisions prevent the federal government from paying money directly to cities, that is to say without having first concluded an agreement with the provincial government. That said, the cities still receive federal funds.

Shortly before the Conservative leader's new publication on social networks, the Minister of Housing, Sean Fraser, said he was outraged by the insults uttered in recent days.

It's incredible for a federal politician to declare that another person, a mayor, is incompetent. This is not appropriate.

A quote from Sean Fraser, Federal Minister of Housing

Mr. Fraser said he learned a lot from discussions with the mayor during the day in order to find appropriate and unique solutions to the housing crisis.

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