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“Poetry for Peace”: the finalists of the annual competition have been announced

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar25,2024

>> “Poetry for peace”/Unicef ​​

All that children and young people dream about today is a peaceful life. This is sleep in warm beds, not in cold shelters. These are meetings with relatives and friends who are not around now. This is childhood without war.

UNICEF in Ukraine invited young poets and poets to express their feelings and experiences through creativity, writing a poem on the topic of peace and dreams of a peaceful life. This is stated on the competition page.

The United Nations Children's Fund announced 50 finalists of this year's competition. Surnames and first names are listed in alphabetical order. Since some participants submitted several poems to the competition, next to their names it is indicated which of the poems was selected by the jury.

This year we received 3825 stunning poems written by children and young people, who now live in Ukraine and abroad, the website noted.

On March 21, World Poetry Day, the names of the three finalists of this year's competition were published, who won prizes and will enter the UNICEF global competition. They were 15-year-old Antonina, 10-year-old Fedir, and 11-year-old Milana.

See the list of all winners of the “Poetry for Peace” contest here.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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