PNP Inspectorate initiates process against Harvey Colchado

PNP Inspectorate initiates process against Harvey Colchado

Coordinator of the PNP special team was notified last Monday of the start of preliminary proceedings due to Pedro Castillo's complaint.

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PNP Inspectorate initiates process against Harvey Colchado

Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado —leader of the group of police officers that supports the special team of prosecutors in charge of investigations around President Pedro Castillo— responded to the summons from the Inspector General of the National Police. (Photo: Hugo Curotto)/

The Inspectorate of the National Police initiated a process administrative-disciplinary case against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado—coordinator of the police team that supports the Special Team against the Corruption of Power— as part of the complaint filed against him by President Pedro Castillo for the intervention in Palacio de Government in which he sought to arrest his sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes.

This was reported by the lawyer Luis Naldos, who last Monday accompanied the police colonel so that both are notified about the preliminary actions that could lead to a sanction against Colchado Huamaní.

“We have assisted in the notification to Colonel Colchado of the beginning of an administrative-disciplinary process that we consider to be in violation of the Constitution”, commented the lawyer.< /p>

In statements to El Comercio, Naldos Blanco indicated that they have up to five business days to respond to the accusations. He added that this stage has a term of up to 30 working days in order to carry out procedures to verify if the complaint against Colchado is substantiated or not; and determine if the process is formalized.

“It is like in a tax investigation, making the analogy; This is the [stage] of preliminary proceedings to then start the actual formalization procedure”, he explained.

On August 25, President Castillo filed a complaint against Colonel Colchado for alleged serious misconduct for having participated in the raid on the presidential residence on August 9, August, a stagecoach whose objective was to search for and capture his sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes. With said resource he seeks that he be dismissed from his institution.

The specific charges for which Colchado was notified are three: an alleged exercise of violence against other members of the National Police, his alleged participation in political activities and an alleged abuse of authority.

All this was rejected by the officer's lawyer, who asserted that the complaint “has no legal basis”.

Naldos Blanco stressed that there is an investigation under way by the prosecution and that it has had judicial intervention (the judge's decision that ordered the search of the presidential residence), so that another authority —such as the PNP Inspectorate — cannot intervene to question or investigate the development of the diligence.

“Pretending that an administrative authority, subordinate to the Executive Power, open a parallel procedure to discuss this issue, when it should be done before the competent authority, implies an improper declaration that is expressly prohibited in the Constitution”, he indicated.

The constitutional lawyer Luciano López announced that since last Monday he joined the defense of Colchado, in the disciplinary process that he described as “a abuse of power”.

According to a press release from his law firm, the constitutionalist will assume the ad honorem defense of the colonel's right “to permanence in the exercise of the public function he performs.”

“[López] will contribute to the sponsorship of Colonel Colchado —in charge of the lawyer Luis Naldos— in the administrative-disciplinary procedure that has been improperly initiated —and in a clear abuse of power— regarding the complaint filed against him by the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo”, he said.

Illegal avocation

Criminal lawyer Carlos Caro considered that the decision to initiate preliminary actions of an administrative-disciplinary process against Colchado is “an absolutely atypical event” since there is no administrative typicity that would be given for allegedly having infringed the police disciplinary regulation. However, “there is not because he [Colchado] has acted under the order of a judge.”

“Article 20, numeral 8, of the Penal Code indicates that there are no responsibilities when acting in the exercise of a duty, in compliance with the execution of a judicial resolution. Then, any alleged irregularity would have to be claimed before the judge. The police, the inspectorate, cannot be involved in the case because it has been prosecuted. In any case, it is an illegal statement by the police on something that the judge should control”, he remarked.

On the eve , this newspaper reported that Colonel PNP (r) Juan Asmat Bucalo and General PNP (r) Ricardo Trujillo Cornejo resigned from the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of the Interior (Digimin) due to alleged pressure to hinder the work of Colchado.< /p>

Police support

July 18, 2022, via resolution ministerial, the special police team “in support of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power” was formed.

The creation of the group police officer was at the request of the coordinating senior prosecutor, Marita Barreto.

PNP Colonel Harvey Colchado was appointed coordinator of the police team.

As part of its work, the police team supported the prosecution in proceedings and arrests, supported by court orders.

Inspectory of the PNP initiates process against Harvey Colchado

In his video column this Friday, Fernando Vivas questions President Pedro Castillo's request against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado for the diligence in the Government Palace as part of the search for Yenifer Paredes. Yesterday it was learned that the president, through his lawyer, denounced Colchado before the PNP General Inspectorate for alleged serious misconduct.