Plus belle la vie : the return of the couple Ash and Luna in the new episodes ?

Plus belle la vie : retour du couple Sacha et Luna dans les nouveaux ├ępisodes ?

Plus belle la vie : the return of the couple Ash and Luna in the new episodes ?

It is not known yet at what time France 3 rediffusera episodes of Plus belle la vie, but the filming of the series daily finally is about to return to Marseille. On this occasion, the actor Avy Marciano has spoken on the future of the duo Ash and Luna.

If all goes well, it is may 26, next to the turning the More beautiful life will resume in Marseille. A shoot that will be very different from before the containment with new health measures to adopt in order to protect all the teams, but that eagerly waits for Avy Marciano – the interpreter of Sacha. “It is a real pleasure to return to the sets. It is necessary that the series of daily restarts, and that the activity be resumed” he revealed to Tv 7 Days.

Ash and Luna in the center of new stories

However, don’t expect him to give you any information about the new episodes that could not be released before September. When asked about the future of his character to the Mistral, the actor said, “As I do not take the turning immediately, I still have not received my texts“. Only certainty to hear it, the plot of Sacha will always be linked to that of Luna, “I can already tell you that Ash has not yet made the grief of the accident he had with Luna, and that his return will still be marked by this event“.

A return of the couple ?

Unfortunately for fans of this duo, don’t think that the scriptwriters are preparing to (re)give life to their relationship. Avy Marciano recalled, “A return of the couple ? I don’t think it happened too much. And he is married now.” According to the actor, the future of this relationship would, therefore, be purely friendly, “so it’s difficult to imagine a return to this couple as it was known, the duo Ash / Luna goes well persist. It is not only a common desire that we have with Anne Decided, but I think that the authors and the viewers enjoy it“. It is always better than nothing.

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