Plus belle la vie : the players drank themselves for the new shooting conditions

Plus belle la vie : les acteurs saoulés par les nouvelles conditions de tournage

Plus belle la vie : the players drank themselves for the new shooting conditions

Life is not finally the most beautiful on the sets of the shooting of the fiction daily on France 3. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, new health rules have been imposed in the local in Marseille. However, many players of a More beautiful life would be already tired by these measures.

A shooting less convenient for the players

It has recently been learned, the atmosphere in the backstage of a More beautiful life would currently be explosive, the lack of stories that would not be strong enough to convince the actors, screenwriters, which would not be enough qualified and actors who would not feel fairly useful. Is that all ? Not even.

According to a recent article in the Parisien, a part of the team of the fictional daily would also already tired of new security measures put in place to combat the health crisis. Questioned by the newspaper, Cécilia Hornus (Blanche Marci) reveals, for example, that the work has become more mechanical than before, “The atmosphere is definitely more cozy. We remove the mask just before the action. The scenes are more cut, there are more than three cameras instead of four“.

“I hope it will stop soon”

An observation shared by Jean-Charles Chagachbanian (Frank Ruiz), who admits his side simply be drunk by a shooting robot, “It follows the course of arrow, one does not touch more, but honestly, it makes me sweat. I hope it will stop soon.” That may be a surprise when you know the health benefits behind it, but that can be explained by working conditions deteriorated.

In addition to relationships dehumanised for some sectors, “The hairdressers and make-up, watching now the casting with a return on a tv planted in a large hallway. And they give their instructions severe through the atria as soon as a lock is beautiful or that a forehead shines a little too much, “explains the newspaper, the atmosphere would be oppressive in the long run. Jean-Charles Chagachbanian says, “It is two times more tiring for everyone. For cameramen or technicians who have the mask all day, it is even worse ! We at least, may be removed for play“.

It is also important to remember that before confinement, there was an average of 6 weeks between the beginning of the filming of an episode and its broadcast on France 3, where the More beautiful life will be back as soon as this Monday, June 29, 2020 at the tv, or only one month after the resumption of filming. In other words, the pace of the production seems to have increased somewhat in order to catch up on the weeks off.

And necessarily, between the heat of the moment, the new conditions of shooting AND a load of work increased, it is not difficult to understand why the tension is strong on the boards…

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