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Plot and attempted kidnapping in Quebec: a 4th suspect engages in police officers

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Jacob Poirier, 24 years old.

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Jacob Poirier, 24, suspected of being involved in a plot and attempted kidnapping last March, surrendered to authorities. He is due to appear on Monday.

Jabob Poirier was actively wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping that took place on March 27, in the 2000s. borough of Beauport.

Police officers had so far arrested Virgile Beaulieu-Chartier, 31, in mid-December in Quebec. p>

Jacob Poirier and Virgile Beaulieu-Chartier are believed to be linked to two other suspects arrested earlier: Mathieu Boivin, 26, who was released pending his appearance, as well as Marc-Alexandre Ouellet, 24.

On the evening of March 27, four individuals were arrested in the Beauport district, while they were in possession of weapons and weapons. x27;burglary tools.

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L& #x27;investigation established that they were about to kidnap a person and that they had prepared their crime a few days before.

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