Players criticized released in remastered Steam game Mafia II

The players are awaiting the release on Steam remastered, the game Mafia II, was disappointed with the end product. They criticized the update, since playing it was not easy.

Игроки раскритиковали вышедший в Steam ремастеринг игры Mafia II

Not so long ago it became known that the fans of the Mafia franchise will receive a gift in the form of updated release of the trilogy. The developers have promised to make cosmetic changes, especially in relation to the first part, where the graphics are already obsolete, because that came out back in 2002. Many had hoped to see favorite characters and locations in a new light, but those who have already played the second part of the third-person shooter, began to complain of various problems. First of all we are talking about many bugs, not allowing it to follow the storyline of the company. In addition, gamers are often faced with the fall update, the frame rate of the screen, and it also did not suit many, because even in the original version, released in 2010, was not observed. Problems were observed even on the most powerful versions of the consoles from Sony – PlayStation 4 Pro.

Know, yet to buy the re-release of the trilogy Mafia: Definitive Edition could only temporarily residents of Australia. After revealed the problem, the publisher has postponed the release by two weeks, scheduling the new start of sales in early June. This is probably the time it took to remove all the minor flaws, the disappointed Australian fans of Mafia II.

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