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Planned killing in Rimouski: known sentence for the teenager

The judge explained that the crime was a very serious and thought-provoking offense. (Archive photo)

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In Rimouski, the student who made threats that could cause death and bodily harm to all occupants of the Paul-Hubert school was given 18 months' probation and 75 hours of community service.< /p>

With this decision, Judge Lucie Morissette responds in part to the DPCP's request.

For the next 18 months, the teenager will have to respect several conditions, including not possessing weapons or imitation weapons or explosives, not having a cell phone, tablet or laptop. except for school or work.

He will also be prohibited from being within 250 meters of the Paul-Hubert school. In addition to these conditions, he will not be able to possess weapons for the next two years and will have to submit to a DNA sample.

Both parties argued their arguments throughout the morning on Thursday, as they failed to reach an agreement before the hearing.

For her part, the prosecutor in the case, Me Florence Charlebois-Villeneuve, requested 12 months of follow-up with a probation officer within an 18-month probation.

She also demanded that the teenager carry out a minimum of 150 hours of community service in a 12-month period. According to her, the evidence incriminating the student constituted the highest level of seriousness.

In her argument, she affirmed that the police acted just in time, that the teenager's words were not just words in the air, but rather words with a view to being concretized.

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Lawyer Florence Charlebois-Villeneuve.

He told the principal [of the school] that these were not jokes, that he intended [to carry out his threats].

A quote from Me Florence Charlebois-Villeneuve< /blockquote>

She is of the opinion that his return to society must take place gradually since he is having difficulty integrating.

The defense lawyer, Mr. Hugo Caissy, requested 12 months of probation with monitoring and a maximum of 50 hours of community service. During the representations, Mr. Caissy declared that there was no agreement since the two parties did not share the same opinion on the extent of the situation.

According to him, the level of severity is not at the bottom of the scale, but neither is it at the top, like the said his colleague. He believes that the sentence must reflect the actions that the teenager took and not those that he could have committed.

We must take into consideration the [depressive] mental state in which he was, he adds. Mr. Caissy believes that there are several mitigating factors, including the fact that the teenager pleaded guilty quickly, that the risk of recidivism is low, that he collaborated from the beginning and that he, on his own initiative, taken steps to take charge.

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Me Hugo Caissy, lawyer.

When making her decision, after about 2.5 hours of reflection, the judge explained that the crime was a very serious and thought-provoking offense. According to her, the threats used by the teenager raised a wave of concern in the city of Rimouski.

Judge Morissette nevertheless emphasizes that the student does not have the profile of a delinquent, that he has always collaborated since his arrest and that he has no criminal past. However, she notes that the plan was very determined and that the scale of severity was very high, contrary to what Mr. Caissy suggested.

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