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According to a source, the passengers, probably workers in the United Arab Emirates, may have wanted to go to Central America in order to then attempt to enter the United States illegally -United States or Canada.

Plane grounded over suspicion of human trafficking

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Paris-Vatry airport, located in northeastern France, has been closed since Thursday due to a plane being grounded on the tarmac for “ suspicion of human trafficking.”

Agence France-Presse

The plane was scheduled to fly from Dubai to Nicaragua on Thursday with more than 300 Indians on board. However, he was immobilized by the French authorities on the tarmac of an airport and two passengers were taken into police custody, amid suspicions of “trafficking in human beings”.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">This Airbus A340 landed on Thursday afternoon on the runway of the small Paris-Vatry airport, in the north-east of France, for a technical stopover. He has been immobilized since, after an anonymous report according to which these Indian passengers are likely to be victims of human trafficking in an organized gang, the Paris prosecutor's office explained in the afternoon. /p>

Two of the passengers on this flight were taken into police custody, he added early in the evening. The investigation seeks to verify whether any elements would corroborate suspicions of human trafficking, added the prosecution.

Identity checks were carried out on the 303 passengers and the flight crew by the police and the gendarmerie, who also carry out checks on the conditions and objectives of passenger transport, he said.

According to a source close to the matter, these Indian passengers, who probably worked in the United Arab Emirates, may have wanted to go to Central America in order to then try to enter the United States or Canada illegally.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">A gendarmerie device prevented access to the confined airport on Friday evening, noted an AFP journalist. In front of the terminal, a row of white tarpaulins hides the bay window of the arrivals terminal.

LoadingForeign interference: Commission hearings to begin January 29

ELSE ON NEWS: Foreign interference: Commission hearings to begin January 29

The Hearings are expected to continue until at least Friday evening, a source close to the matter said.

According to the Marne prefecture, this plane of the Romanian company Legend Airlines remained immobilized on the tarmac after its landing [Thursday] in the afternoon and an intervention on board by the air transport gendarmerie brigade. p>

The company believes that it has nothing to reproach itself for, has not committed any offense and is at the disposal of the authorities French companies, assured Liliana Bakayoko, who presents herself as the lawyer for Legend Airlines.

The airline intends to file a civil suit if proceedings are brought by the public prosecutor, or to file a complaint otherwise, she added.

The prefect of Marne has extended by order the waiting zone for foreigners in the reception area of ​​the airport. Passengers have individual beds available, depending on the prefecture. The prefecture has also opened a crisis unit.

The embassy team was granted consular access. We are studying the situation and ensuring the well-being of passengers, indicated the Indian embassy in France on X.

The law provides that if he arrives in France by plane and is refused boarding to his country of destination, a foreigner may be kept in a waiting zone for a maximum of four days by the border police. .

This detention can then be extended by eight days by a detention and liberty judge, then by an additional eight days in exceptional circumstances. At most, depending on appeals, detention in the reception zone can reach 26 days.

Trafficking in human beings is a crime risk 20 years of criminal imprisonment and a fine of 3 million euros, he also underlines.

D&#x27 ;according to the specialized site Flightradar, Legend Airlines is a small company whose fleet is made up of four aircraft, including two A340-313s.

L&#x27 ;Paris-Vatry airport, a small aerodrome located 150 kilometers east of Paris, welcomed 62,000 passengers in 2022, mainly via low-cost airlines, according to the Union of French Airports. p>

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