Plane accident in Medellín: Aeronáutica Civil asks to avoid speculation about the causes

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The licenses and medical certificates of the two pilots who died in the impact were in order

Light plane crash in Medellín: Civil Aeronautics asks to avoid speculation about the causes

The eight crew members of the aircraft died in the impact against the buildings of the Belén neighborhood. Photo via: DAGRD

In the morning hours of November 21, 2022, an aircraft carrying eight people crashed over a residential area in the Belén Rosales neighborhood. Bodies and emergency equipment were transferred to the area, which unfortunately failed to save the lives of the passengers, the pilot and co-pilot.

The plane that covered the route Medellín – Pizarro (Chocó ), apparently there was a failure in one of its engines at the time of takeoff from the Olaya Herrera Airport, according to the report delivered by the authorities. Through its social networks, the airport reported that the plane had left after 10:00 a.m. m. from the air terminal.

As reported by the Colombian Civil Aeronautics, according to preliminary records, the operator managed the technical inspections required by the aircraft license plate HK 5121; In addition, he stressed that the licenses and medical certificates of the two pilots who unfortunately died on impact, were in order.

In addition, the special administrative unit indicated that the plane crash is the subject of a technical investigation and legal. In this way, the Technical Directorate for Accident Investigation made a call to avoid speculation with preliminary unofficial versions about the cause of this accident.

The Civil Aeronautics added that “a team specialized in accident investigation was appointed to carry out the investigations that allow determining the causes of the plane accident, which resulted in the death of two pilots and six passengers.”< /p>

Light plane accident in Medellín: Civil Aeronautics asks to avoid speculation about the causes

Dagrd Technical Team carried out a structural analysis of the buildings in the area to minimize risks. Photo via: DAGRD

For its part, the Olaya Herrera Airport announced through an official statement the names of the eight occupants of the aircraft who unfortunately diedin the collision: pilot Julián Andrés Aladino, co-pilot Sergio Guevara Delgado; Passengers Jorge Cantillo Martínez, Dubán Ovalle Quintero, Anthony Mosquera Blanquiceth, Pedro Pablo Serna, Melissa Pérez Cuadros and Nicolás Jiménez.

“The Emergency Operations Committee deeply regrets this accident and is willing to meet the requirements of the authorities in charge of the investigation. Likewise, it reiterates its support for the airline and the operating company of this flight”, they added in the statement.

During the course of the emergency activities, the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General's Office ended at 5:10 p.m. the removal of the fatalities, who were taken to Forensic Medicine for examination by their relatives.

In his speech at the scene of the impact, the mayor from Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, maintained that: “Through 123 a report of the collision of a small plane is received, this is the small plane HK5121. We have a report of six passengers and two crew members, unfortunately there were two friends of mine on the plane. This is a difficult time.”

The mayor of Medellín stressed that all the DAGRD and Firefighters teams are in Belén Rosales attending to the emergency.

The technical team of the Medellín Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management recommended that the inhabitants of four houses evacuate this placeafter the plane crash in this residential area of ​​the Belén Rosales neighborhood. In addition, seven buildings, made up of an office and 14 homes, were affected by the impact.

After an initial assessment of the damage caused during the collision, the director of the DAGRD, Laura Duarte , pointed out that due to the trajectory of the aircraft, five of the buildings presented slight damage and two more severe damage.

“One of the initial phases is the structural evaluation by a specialized technical team, so that they can evaluate how the structure was left after this impact and also determine what the technical recommendations are for these families,” added the director.

A total of seven buildings, made up of 14 homes and an office, were affected

Finally, teams from the Social Inclusion and Health secretariats were present at the accident site providing psychosocial support a the families that have n been affected and providing comprehensive care.