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Pixar tackles Disney and its live-action

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

For many years now, Disney has been multiplying remakes inlive-action of his animated classics. On social networks, many Internet users do not really appreciate this trend, and it seems that this is not the case at Pixar either, as this tackle proves from the artistic director of the studio.

Pixar tackles Disney and its live-action

when Pixar director attacks remakes

Are you tired of Disney remakes? Don't like the idea of ​​adapting animated films into live-action? Well you are not alone! Pete Docter, artistic director of Pixar Animation Studios, recently tackled this trend,and explained why he doesn't plan to rush into it. When Docter speaks, we listen. It must be said that the man is not just anyone, since he has held his position at Pixar for six years, and thathe has achieved his goal. Vice-versa, Monstre et Cie, Là-haut and Soul, all critically acclaimed.

During a recent interview with Speaking toTime Magazine, Pete Docter said: that “[the remakes] disturb him, in a way”: “I like to make films that are original and unique in themselves -sames.Do-overs are not very interesting for me, personally.”

Pixar tackles Disney and its live-action

the problem major of Disney's live-action

Besides the absence of creativity; inherent in remakes, Pete Docter, artistic director of Pixar, also thinks that an imagined universe can for an animated film is difficult to achieve; transpose into a film in real shots: 

Much of what we create only works within the rules of animation. If a human walks into a house that's floating [as in 'Upstairs'], your mind will go, “Wait a second, houses are super heavy”! But if you have a cartoon guy? and he's standing in this house, you say to yourself: “okay, I'm buying”!

Pixar tackles Disney and its live-action

Despite; his critics, the artistic director of Pixar recognizes that it remains difficult to rely only on new licenses. He explains that the studio's strategy is to mix new IPs and franchise suites with new content. success, as with the release of Vice-versa 2 on June 19.

Pete Docter is not the only person used ;e à working with Disney but very critical of the company.A few weeks ago, another big name from Disney had already been released. violently tackled the studio's live-action remakes. know if these increasingly numerous criticisms will give rise to Bob Iger and his teams want to review their strategy or not.

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