Pirry in a chat with Infobae, from a television star to an activist on social networks: “It's not that I'm starving”

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The Colombian journalist and adventurer spoke with Infobae Colombia about the challenge of becoming a content creator for networks, after years occupying prime programming hours national


María Paula González

< p>Pirry in a chat with Infobae, from television star to activist on social networks: “It's not that I'm dying of hunger&rdquo ;

When recording 'Pirry Files', the journalist put aside his adventure content because of the responsibility he felt towards the country (Social networks)

Guillermo Arturo Prieto La Rotta, Pirry is one of the most recognized journalists and content creators in the country. Remembered for the investigative journalistic program 'Especiales Pirry', which was on the air until 2015 on RCN, the communicator is now an influencer on social networks, where he broadcasts productions related to adventure, travel and care for the environment.

In recent days, the communicator posted a video on his Instagram account that caught the attention of his followers, because he was not swimming with turtles, dolphins or sharks, Pirry was at home and asking for help. The journalist spoke in the video about his interest in having an advertising sponsorship to be able to continue with his content, which, although it is not the one that generates the most interaction on digital platforms, is the one he loves to do the most.< /p>

As a result of this Infobae Colombia contacted the journalist, who from Baja California -where he is filming new content in the Pacific- spoke to us about his transition from prime television to creating content on social networks and the challenges that this implies, especially if you talk about issues such as the environment, among others.

First of all, PirryHe stressed that his video was misunderstood, since it was about getting the support of a brand of drones that would make it easier for him to record his videos in the middle of the sea or in the mountains and not to ask his followers for money. “When one enters this world of social networks, I come from television, the competition is much more difficult and for one, who is not a teenager and does not make videos that could be funny, it is more difficult to get sponsorship.”

Pirry in a chat with Infobae, from television star to activist on social networks: “It's not that I'm dying of hunger&rdquo ;

Guillermo Arturo Prieto La Rotta now has a television space on Red+ and runs his own production company (@PirryOficial)

“I don't live from the content I generate”

In 2015, the last episode of 'Especiales Pirry' was broadcast, a program in which Prieto served as director, writer and presenter. According to the journalist, after being fired from RCN he spent several months thinking about what to do with his life, which finally led him to have another television space on Red+, manage his own production company and create content on social networks.

< p class="paragraph">“I no longer have an investigative show or a team of investigators to do reporting and that kind of content, now I have a small cable show and otherwise I'm a content creator. But I don't live from the content I generate, I live from other things, I have a production company and they hire me to give talks and conferences, with that I finance my trips,” he said.

With this in mind, and a sizeable social media following for his recognition, PirryHe decided to start creating content that has always interested him and that he believes “we should all be talking about”. He thinks that despite the passing of the years, people continue “in the same political fights”, but what worries him the most is that he sees the new generations very disconnected from the problems of the world.

He maintains that talking about climate change and caring for the environment implies facing barriers when it comes to getting sponsorship. “Many problems on the planet are caused by very large corporations, coincidentally the ones with the most money for advertising. So when you create content about the environment, you have to screen out a long list of potential sponsors to be consistent.”

Pirry in a chat with Infobae, from television star to activist on social networks: “It's not that I'm starving”

Pirry points out that he makes his trips for fun and shares them to motivate people, not to monetize (@PirryOficial)

This is why he also makes it clear that he is not interested in getting rich with social networks. “I am a single guy, without children, with the same car for 12 years and an apartment, I am not looking to flaunt things. For me the luxuries that one can afford in life is to see and knowthose places and creatures that in 10 or 15 years may already cease to exist. After leaving television I promised myself, for selfish reasons, to spend what I have left of time, resources and energy to get to know those places and if that serves to make people fall in love with the environment it would be wonderful and a win win in my life ” , he assured.

He clarifies that he did not go beyond investigative content and denounces the environment due to the change in platforms, but rather his lifestyle. “When I was on television I felt a responsibility to the country;in fact, I left the adventure content to do research, I liked it and it made me happy, but I would have preferred to continue traveling. I'm at a different stage in my life, I don't want to put left and right on my Instagram, I want to be as far away from it as possible.”

“I'm a storyteller by nature and the means I have now to do it are social networks”

Although he studied zootechnics, his passion for books, movies and adventure led him to television, with the firm conviction of telling stories to people, a purpose that he maintained during his almost 16 years on the air in the most coveted schedule on national television. “Now I can't conceive of traveling without a camera in hand, even if they don't pay me; in RCN they paid me to do it, now I don't monetize on Instagram but I don't care, my reward is to generate reflection or inspiration”.

At the time, after being left without a program and without knowing what to do, Pirry faced mental health problems, especially depression and anxiety, which also caused him insomnia. However, he is currently grateful for being fired, because that gave him the chance to create new content and be calmer.

“I have learned from life that sometimes you have to give it time to things If I didn't get fired from work, suddenly I wouldn't have stopped in time. Work was consuming me psychologically, physically, the stress levels were unlivable and I would say that could be seen as something that at first was against me, ended up saving my life because now I live much calmer.”

Pirry in a chat with Infobae, from television star to activist on social networks: “It's not that I'm dying of hunger&rdquo ;

Pirry, a Colombian journalist and presenter, is now an influencer for the environment (@PirryOficial)

Although being a content creator also entails effort and he himself emphasizes that it is more than “being traveling all the time”, many young influencers have revealed to their audiences that this exposure on digital platforms has also caused them mental health problems. For Pirry, his past experience and maturity have kept him away from these messes and the difference in their content also makes him not very aware of the 'likes'.

According to the journalist, there are different types of content creators, who, as in television, are struggling to get the most interactions. “All this has generated a philosophy and way of thinking in which the person believes that if he is not on social networks he does not exist . Many young people can become obsessed with not having many followers, likes or being criticized, and not everyone is prepared to deal with that.”

This is why it also invites you to establish some limits, including not believing everything you see on social networks and not assuming things. In his personal case, many people, when they see his videos traveling and recording from remote places, believe that he can do all this because he is rich, but Prieto insists that his travels are the result of a lot of work. p>

“It's not that I'm poor and starving, I'm lucky to have had a well-paid job and have my own production company. But my goal is to tell people that I was also 19 years old and a student who had nowhere to drop dead, but I started saving and setting goals, so money can be a problem, but not an excuse. Obviously, taking those trips is expensive, but I work for it”, he pointed out.

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