Pirates of the Caribbean: this revelation by Margot Robbie sows doubt for the rest of the saga

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The famous Disney franchise has rocked a whole generation of young pirates in the 2000s. Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, became an fictional character emblematic of the firm of Mickey. If the saga began to run out of steam with the fifth opus, La Vengeance de Salazar, Disney had no intention of giving up on one of its biggest franchises so easily. Margot Robbie was approached and then confirmed by producer Jerry Bruckheimer as the main character as part of a new story. However, the project seems to be in jeopardy . 

Pirates of the Caribbean: This Dream ;velation by Margot Robbie sows doubt for the rest of the saga

an emblematic licence

Even if you've never watched only one film in the saga, everyone knows the iconic Jack Sparrow, or rather Captain Jack Sparrow. The very first opus, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003. It was just the beginning of a great adventure centered on Jack Sparrow and his crew. The protagonists will have to face theterrible Davy Jones and against the powerful British India Company under the command of Lord Cutler Beckett in the two following volumes, The Secret of the Dead Chest, and < em>To the end of the world. Worné by a panoply of charismatic actors like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom (William Turner), Keira Knightley, (Elizabeth Swann) or even Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa), the first part alone garnered; over $650 million at the worldwide box office.

Pirates of the Caribbean: This revelation by Margot Robbie sows the doubt for the continuation of the saga

The Fountain of Youth (2011) and The Revenge of Salazar have also experienced considerable success, for a total profit of 4.5 billion dollars on the five films. But like any saga that struggles to to renew itself, Pirates of the Caribbean seemed to run out of steam little by little. little despite a pleasant fourth installment and a fifth part relating the events of the third film, released ten years earlier. Disney had then taken the decision to completely change the main actor. The trial between Depp and Amber Heard surely helped to tip the scales for a total renewal of the franchise, although the idea had emerged; long before the accusations of violence. A new story, centered on a pirate,embodied by the very famous actress Margot Robbie to take up the torch, was to see the light of day. The project began at take shape, in particular with the declaration of the producer Jerry Bruckheimer who confirmed the arrival of the actress within the franchise. But obviously, Disney left fall.

the scenario would have been refused

He is the interpreter of Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad and of Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Streetwho announced it. Interviewed by Vanity Fair as part of the future feature film Babylon,  asked about her future in the Disney franchise. Without announcing it explicitly, the project for a new film with Margot Robbie seems well and truly buried.

Pirates of the Caribbean: this revelation by Margot Robbie casts doubt on the rest of the saga

We had an idea that we had been developing for some time, and which was to have a different story, partly carried by a woman. We thought that could be really cool, but I guess that's not what they want to do.

The script would have been; refused and the film would have been  abandoned. For the moment, we do not really know what the production intends to do. Is this bad news, which would give rise to a good ? That is to say the return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow? Or does this mean the death of the franchise? The actor had however announced; that he will never return to the saga during the trial which opposed him to; the interpreter of Mera in Aquaman. In any case, the franchise seems to be at a standstill.