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Pirates of the Caribbean: this actor from the saga dies after being attacked by a shark

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun24,2024

Terrible news, an actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga has been killed. found died this Sunday after a terrible shark attack.

Pirates of the Caribbean: this actor in the saga dies after being attacked by a shark

what future for pirates of the caribbean?

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disney's most lucrative licenses.The five films released between 2003 and 2017 grossed a total of $4 billion worldwide. The two biggest successes ever to date are The Secret of the Cursed Chest and The Fountain of Youthboth of which exceeded billion dollars in worldwide box office revenue.

Since then, the saga has been paused, in particular due to the legal setbacks of star Johnny Depp facing his ex Amber Heard and his alcoholism problems, which corrupted his life. the filming of the last part, Salazar's Vengeance released in 2017. But difficult to find a replacement for the role. the actor who has an immense fanbase behind him. So Jerry Bruckheimer, the historic producer of the saga could think about it; review its positions,and discussions between the two men are reportedly underway.

Pirates of the Caribbean: this actor in the saga dies after being attacked by by a shark

a tragic death caused by a shark

While waiting to know if Johnny Depp will return in the Jack Sparrow costume, we have just learned a terrible news. An actor who officiated in the saga has just died. Tamayo Perry was killed by a shark Hawaiiï according to several local media.

A lifeguard and surf enthusiast, the 49-year-old actor who played a minor role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, died this Sunday, June 23, 2024. The accident was reported shortly before 1 p.m. by a witness who said he saw, on Malaekahana Beach, a man suffering from “deep shark bites.”Immediately after bringing back the the victim on the beach, the rescue teams could only note his death, reports20 Minutes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: this actor in the saga dies after being attacked by a shark

Rick Blangiardi, mayor of Honolulu, insisted ; paid tribute to him: “Tamayo was a legendary waterman and he was very respected,” the councilor, specifying that his death represented «a tragic loss».

Renowned Pipeline rider and lifeguard Tamayo Perry has been identified as the victim of a fatal shark attack on Oahu’s east shore today. pic.

June 24, 2024

Famous Pipeline rider and rescuer Tamayo Perry was identified as the victim of a deadly shark attack on the east coast of Oahu today.

True surf star in New York Hawaii, Tamayo Perry also played in Charlie’s Angels: The Angels Are Unleashed! and Blue Crush.

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