Pío Deportes presents staff will broadcast the World Cup in Qatar

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  • Pío Deportes presents staff will broadcast the Qatar World Cup

    Members of the broadcasts of the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, which will be broadcast in Qatar. by CDN-Noticias, CDN-Deportes and piodeportes.com, from November 20.

This November 20 the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins, the sporting event of more transcendence in the terrestrial globe and it will be broadcast by Pio Deportes in the Dominican Republic on open television.

The 64 matches will be shown on the CDN and CDN Deportes screens, while on the radio the incidents will be by CDN Radio, while www.piodeportes.com will be is the official portal in the country, where you can also follow the event, which involves 32 nations.

The broadcasts are in charge of a group of professionals headed by Avelino Cuadra, Jorge Rolando Bauger, Jorge Allen Bauger, Dámaso García, José; Luis Mendoza, Tomás Cabrera, Manuel Acevedo and José. Luis Montilla, with José; Pio Santana as general producer.

The event ends on December 18, with the final, which will be It will take place at the Lusail Stadium in Doha and will feature the two teams that make it through the first stage, round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals.

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