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Pierre Poilievre campaigning in Winnipeg for the abolition of carbon tax

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Pierre Poilievre defended his message regarding the abolition of the carbon tax on Friday in Winnipeg.< /p>Radio-Canada

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The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, stopped in Winnipeg on Friday morning to repeat his message and his promise to abolish the carbon tax, if his party takes power in the next federal election.

Pierre Poilievre took advantage of a cold day in the Manitoba capital to argue that temperature is not the only reason for the increasing cost of heating homes.

When the temperature drops and your heating bill goes up, remember that your Liberal MPs in Winnipeg voted to tax your home heating, said Mr. Poilievre.

He made his announcement, flanked by trucks from a transport company.

Everything transported in these trucks becomes more expensive because of the Trudeau tax on carbon and diesel, he added.

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Liberals introduced carbon tax as a price on pollution that helps fight the worsening climate crisis.

The Conservative leader ended his trip to Winnipeg with a lunch party fundraiser. He will travel to Thunder Bay later today.

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