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Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives target ridings in Northern Ontario

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Pierre Poilievre was elected with 68% of the votes to lead the Conservative Party of Canada in September 2022. (Archives)


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Pierre Poilievre's Conservative Party only holds 2 of the 10 ridings in Northern Ontario. However, the political party seems to want to make gains in the region.

The party's deputies and candidates are increasingly targeting the region and polls seem to predict breakthroughs there. In fact, according to analyst Eric Grenier, almost all the seats would be within reach of the Conservatives.

Northern Ontario may have only 10 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons today, but the constituency contests there are often among the tightest in the country and sometimes turn into three-way races.

However, a redistribution of the electoral map, confirmed in July 2023, will reduce the number of seats in the region to nine.

In the House of Commons, the Conservative leader recently attacked Northern Ontario Liberal MPs, accusing them of supporting the exemption from carbon pricing only for oil-heated homes.

Liberal MPs from Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North Bay and Sault-Sainte-Marie have hungry voters who are also worried about losing heat, he said, while calling for an exemption from the tax on carbon for all residential heating.

The Conservative Party has also run advertisements aimed at flipping seats in the region.

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Pierre Poilievre traveled to the North during the summer for a week of touring the region. Former leader Andrew Scheer also recently visited Liberal ridings in the region.

For her part, Cassidy Villeneuve has just launched her nomination campaign in the riding of Nipissing-Timiskaming, a riding held since 2015 by liberals.

It's no coincidence that the Conservatives are seeking to gain seats in Northern Ontario. This is no coincidence, says poll analyst Eric Grenier. They see that there are a lot of ridings where they came very close [to winning] last time and they have good reason to believe that the message they are bringing will appeal to those voters. p>Start of widget. Skip widget?End of widget. Return to top of widget?

He doesn't rule out victories even in regions like Sudbury, which have never been won by the Conservatives before .

It's possible that the entire North except Timmins-James Bay be blue in the next elections.

A quote from Eric Grenier, poll analyst

Each constituency counts to reach a majority, recalls the analyst, emphasizing that themes like the carbon tax particularly resonate in rural regions.

In in the North, it's very difficult not to take your own car, so the carbon tax, the price of gasoline, it's a much more important issue.

Northern Ontario will lose a riding in the next election due to the redistribution of the electoral map. Currently, 6 of the 10 existing ridings are held by the Liberals.

Tanya Vrebosch of North Bay, a former provincial Liberal Party candidate, is considering whether to running for the Liberal Party of Canada. She admits that the latter is in bad shape. People are angry with the government and looking for an alternative, she said. However, she wants voters to be rigorously informed about the party programs.

According to David Tabachnick, professor of political science at the Nipissing University, the dice are still not cast. Electoral campaigns can always change the attitude of citizens, he reminds.

With information from Marina von Stackelberg of CBC and Bienvenu Senga


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