Pierre Palmade accident: the 6-year-old boy in critical condition, he returns to the hospital

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Pierre Palmade accident: the 6-year-old boy in critical condition , he is going back to the hospital

The little boy seriously injured in the accident caused by Pierre on February 10, will be forced to return to the hospital to repair his badly damaged jaw during the collision.

On February 10, Pierre Palmade caused a terrible accident when he had taken drugs. The comedian hit another vehicle and the occupants of the car were seriously injured. Among the victims of the collision a pregnant woman lost her baby and her brother-in-law is still hospitalized. A 6-year-old boy named Devrim was also in the back seat. After being hospitalized in serious condition, he was finally released from Necker Hospital in Paris. He suffers from multiple jaw fractures.It feels good to go back to school and see his friends and not just his mother, brothers, uncle and cousin >“, revealed close to the family interviewed by Le Parisien.

Devrim has serious consequences from the accident and must now wear a corset from the kidneys to half of the skull. “Right now it's not like it used to be“, explained his cousin Ömer Yakut at the microphone of BFMTV. Since the shock of the accident, the little boy has had a neck and cervical problem. His jaw was also badly damaged and he will have to return to the hospital in the coming weeks.He will be operated on again as reported by our colleagues from BFMTV. According to those close to him, Devrim has changed a lot. “He goes home to take his meds, we put him through physio exercises for his jaw and teeth“, explained his cousin.

A little boy traumatized by the accident caused by Pierre Palmade

His uncle Ercan Yakut remembered the moment when the little boy was able to see his dad in the hospital: When I took him to see his dad in the hospitaland ;he found him in this state, he was so shocked that he was paralyzed,” he confided . And to continue: “His father also started to cry, it was such a horrible pain that I could not leave the little one. to see his father in this state for longer. » According to information from BFMTV, Devrim's father would no longer be able to express himself and has serious memory problems. Last February, his lawyer, Mourad Battikh, said the man should “take medication all his life”.