Piero Quispe and why he can't continue being a footballer without a goal

Piero Quispe and why he can't continue being a footballer without a goal

He is 21 years old, he is clearly the most regular footballer in the 'U' 2022 and from today he will have his first experience as a national team. Are we facing a promising footballer or more than that, a debt?

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Piero Quispe and why he cannot continue being a soccer player without a goal

“For win, Cueva is the first to raise his hand. That's an example” | #VideosEC

From today, until Saturday 24, Piero QuispeHe will be the most photographed, explained, X-rayed footballer of the national team. It has to do with our eternal anxiety and our forced lack: in each appearance of a boy in Primera we see another Ears, Yotún's replacement, a new Cueva.

It is, however, a selection under construction. Quispe is the most regular footballer in this critical U of 2022 -31 games, 3 assists, 88% accurate passes, 50 tackles and 44 complete dribbles-, and he becomes the club's starter preceded by two equally forceful arguments: he was the best offensive player of the 2001 category of the Héctor Chumpitaz Academy and the unprecedented praise of Hernán Novick, in the summer of 2021 -“Piero is a crack”-, curiously the midfielder who won the position.

Quispe is also the club's best sales prospect, after Valera, with a renewed contract for three years. There is no longer any doubt about his presence in the eleven, but his influence is: an advanced midfielder reaches the elite from his deployment, without a doubt, but also from his statistics in front of the goal . Or in the pass. No one hires anyone just to run or caracole: Christian Cueva scored 5 goals in his first season as a starter, in San Martín 2011. Nine months after playing everything in the 'U', Piero Quispe has that great slope, a detail to correct if his real aspiration is to prolong his first call to the selection towards the Qualifiers. He has examples to look at: Manco was the king of the gambeta, but he had no goal. Deza is the master of the blast, but he kicks the goal once every 6 months.

Difficult today to define exactly where he could alternate in the Reynoso team. What does he play or better, where is he most useful. The impression is that, if instead of looking for a gap forward, he returns to his field to carry the ball like Oliver, he urges a change in his habits. And if he doesn't add a shot to the goal, that is, power and a sense of opportunity, that great contract that we all dream of for him will cost triple. To score goals that he doesn't have today, first of all, you have to kick. That is, train.

The best thing that can happen to Piero Quispe today, precisely to transform his profile, is an obsessive technician who makes him see numbers, kilometers, statistics, more than the opinions of journalists. All that that is sought today in international competition. That coach is Juan Reynoso.


Piero Quispe and why he cannot continue being a soccer player without a goal

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