“Piedad helped us with Chávez and the contacts in Venezuela”: businessman assures that he has proof of Córdoba's relationship with the Venezuelan regime

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Salomón Bendayan added that, through his intermediation, the senator received large sums of money in excess of a million dollars

“Piedad helped us with Chávez and the contacts in Venezuela”: businessman assures that he has proof of the relationship of Córdoba with the Venezuelan regime

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One of the accusations that has persecuted the senator of the Historical Pact for several years is that her close relationship with the Venezuelan regime, since Hugo Chávez was there, served her to make some economic exchanges with businessmen. It is even related to the case of Nicolás Maduro's figurehead, Alex Saab, who is currently detained in the United States.

Despite everything, he was supported by the current government to return to occupy a seat in the Senate and has denied any relationship with the accusations, however, Revista Semana revealed testimonies from businessmen, Isaac Pérez and Salomón Bendayan, who would confirm the commissions that Córdoba received, in its time, as an intermediary between the government of the neighboring country and some businessmen.

It must be remembered that they even opened an investigation for money laundering, the reason is that it seems that the politician never made an accounting of the money he received as an intermediary at that time.

In Bendayan's testimony, it is clear that despite the fact that the senator was the intermediary, in the midst of the economic relationship that was created, Miguel Pinedo Vidal, a former Guajiro senator from Cambio Radical, was also involved, since by then the rumors of a possible relationship between Piedad Córdoba and the extinct FARC:

“Mr. Pinedo moved very hard, I even have proof that I bought him a plane ticket from Bogotá to Caracas and we paid him the stay by order of Aby. I have e-mails to back up my claims. There he went to work, it was Andrés Vásquez, I did not want to meet Piedad Córdoba personally because I knew of her links with the guerrillas in Colombia, but they worked directly with her.”

Let us remember that Vásquez was one of the advisers closest to politics and has currently been one of those who has spoken with the Attorney General's Office about the senator's alleged links with the FARC, including in his statements explaining why the The release of Ingrid Betancourt, a presidential candidate, was not a priority.

Businessman Salomón Bendayan also spoke of the contributions he gave to both Córdoba and Vásquez: “She (Piedad) helped us with Chávez and the contacts in Venezuela, to be able to move the operations and we had results. We paid commissions to Andrés that went to Piedad Córdoba, I also have a report on those operations,” the Colombian media quoted.

To the above is added what was said by Aby Aroch who told the investigative body that he did not know the exact figure, but that the current senator of the Historical Pact had received very large sums of money: “I do not have the exact numbers, but Total there were about 130 million dollars left, of which 40-odd were Aby, but when Aby brought in Miguel Pinedo and Piedad Córdoba, he helped to liquidate the entirety and managed to liquidate a part” added Bendayan.

This testimony is related to what Vásquez pointed out in his accusations against Córdoba, where he mentioned that he had separated professionally from leftist politics because he was tired of: “his sick relationship with the FARC, his inexplicable support for a dictatorship like the Venezuelan one, and his insatiable hunger for money.”

At the time, the former adviser confirmed the transactions that were made with respect to money, aid and others, even related to Alex Saab in the whole case of the commissions, because once the aforementioned businessmen could not continue lending his name, Saab entered to make the transactions between the parties.