Pidopichni Chery presented a stylish crossover for 15,000 dollars

Pidopichni Chery presented a stylish crossover for 15,000 dollars

The Jetour brand, which has recently entered Ukraine, is no longer a “Chinese noun”. These days in China, Jetour (which is actually a parent company of Chery) has presented a new compact crossover, which may appear on the Ukrainian market in the next hour. So far, we have only one model for this brand – Jetour X70.

Jetour Dasheng has selected as many as 8 different configurations and can achieve a wide range of prices from 14,700 to 24,400 dollars. The basic version is available only with front-wheel drive, and the top version can be upgraded. The car can achieve a futuristic “lamania” design in a way, in the best traditions of the “Chinese”, you can know a lot of familiar elements in different cars.

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The front double-top optics look more in the style of modern BMWs, the rear lights are not taken from the rest of the Lexus RX models, but it’s impossible to say in a flash that the car was completely “licked”. Sounds also fall into the eyes of the pens that you see, and 20-inch wheels. In the interior, the Chinese have tried to keep up with the remaining trends in the automotive world, and minimalist design is here to stay.

Pidop_chni Chery presented a stylish crossover for 15,000 dollars

The central display is large – 15.6 inches, with which the display itself and the stuffing of the head extension are pleasing. In addition, in the interior of the car you can know the projection HUD display, beveled kermo, voice recognition function, wireless charging and Level2+ silent water assistance function.

Jetour Dasheng may have seen some power plants, and the stench works like gasoline, so there are hybrid options. The pressure of the base 1.5 turbo engine starts at 156 k.s. and the intensity of the hybrid installation is 326 k.s. The top viconan with a hybrid engine can drive a car on a pure electric drive for close to 100 km and with this amount of fuel it becomes 1 l/100 km.