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Pictured daughter-in-law tore up her mother-in-law's car

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

The bride was shown tore up her mother-in-law's car

Illustrative photo from the video sp; 

In Great Britain, a wife told her father-in-law that her future daughter-in-law was “not good enough” to marry her son. About this write Metro, transmits TSN. 

The 29-year-old Alisha Anwar was in charge of the police department of the kohan’s mother. Vaughn paid a friend 150 pounds sterling (7,700 UAH) for a violent attack in Wrexham in early 2022 after welding with the 54-river Christian Place in advance.

Place left the house and left I saw a car that was burning, and the neighbors They told me how he “vibbed” and damaged two other cars. Several people had to be evacuated while the fire workers fought the fire.

Anvar found herself guilty of being caught in the fire and was imprisoned for 16 months. They were also given a yard fence in case of any contact with their mother-in-law.

His friend Luke Williams, who carried out the attack, found himself guilty of the same crime and will be punished in the coming years.

The court heard that Williams' friend had tipped off the couple to the police.

Video footage shows him filling up a petrol can the day before the attack.

Mark Connor, who kidnaps Anwar, telling the court: “This is evil from revenge.” For a long time, she could not come to terms with what she had accumulated, due to the fear of the inheritance from the accumulation of evidence against her. Ale zreshtoy she praised the correct decision. Now it’s time to praise correct and rational decisions.”

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Natasha Kumar

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