Physicists figured out where is the best place to hide from a nuclear explosion

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Physicists figured out the best place to hide from a nuclear explosion

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Physicists have calculated how the explosion of a nuclear warhead will affect people inside various rooms. This reports American Institute of Physics.

A nuclear explosion has three main damaging factors — light emission, blast wave and radiation. The impact of any of these factors can be mitigated through proper location, and based on this, protected objects are built such as bunkers and underground headquarters. However, for most people, bunkers will not be enough in the event of a nuclear war, and they will have to choose the best shelters among ordinary buildings.

Physicists figured out the best place to hide from a nuclear explosion

I. Kokkinakis and D. Drikakis/University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Scientists from the University of Nicosia simulated nuclear explosion damage to domestic premises. Their model included rooms, windows, doorways and corridors and allowed them to calculate the speed of the air following the blast wave.

“Prior to our study, the danger of people being inside a reinforced concrete building that can withstand the blast wave, was unclear, — said author Dimitris Drikakis. — We have now found that high air velocities can lead to serious injury or death..

It turns out that a strong building alone is not a sufficient factor in protection. In narrow spaces, air flows are accelerated, and the blast wave is able to go around corners. As a result, windows, doorways and corridors were named the most dangerous places in the house. Even a room with windows facing the explosion is comparatively safer if you take a position in it in the corner against the outer wall. At the same time, it may take several seconds between a nuclear explosion (bright flash) and the arrival of the blast wave, so this position must be taken quickly.

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