[PHOTOS] Gala ComediHa! virtual: the pandemic in the eye of Fabien Cloutier

[PHOTOS] Gala ComediHa!  virtual: the pandemic in the eye of Fabien Cloutier

“The pandemic is a good time for us to look each other in the eye,” believes Fabien Cloutier. And what better than humor to take a look at the ills of our society, especially the caustic, scathing and intelligent humor of the comedian.

After three ComediHa! Galas, broadcast on the ComediHa.TV platform, one thing is clear: the pandemic is a godsend for comedians. Once again, the shadow of the last year has hovered over that of Fabien Cloutier, broadcast Saturday evening on ComediHa.TV.

His strongest monologue, titled The dictatorship, arrived at the very end of the gala. Because our little everyday pleasures disappear with the pandemic, “there are those who say that we live in a dictatorship,” he protested.

“In the world, there are still, in 2021, authoritarian regimes where a woman serves eight years in prison for obtaining a driver’s license. Leaders who still think you can heal a man who loves another man by beating him with an iron bar. There are regimes where women who commit adultery get stoned. While this poor woman is receiving the equivalent of an entrance fee garnotte in the face, do you think she says to herself “poor Quebecer who is stuck with his mask?” Don’t look for jokes in that, there aren’t any. ”

At the opening, Fabien Cloutier made us laugh very loudly with strong images. He kicked off his gala with a monologue that told us how a man who got stuck on the “pocheton” while ziplining in Guatemala became a conspirator. The pictures were tasty.

“The pandemic would be a global conspiracy. Let’s see! In the history of mankind, there is no one who has been able to organize a surprise party more than eight people without anyone opening their mouths! ”. A theory, according to him, just as far-fetched as that which says that one could “make come a child on Wayfair”.

With his accomplice Patrice L’Écuyer, who like him is an “outdoor guy, but not a troublemaker”, Fabien Cloutier has raised blood against camping, a rather worn subject. But later, through “the beefy news” of recent months, the host found a “light subject”: the death penalty. An angle to approach, in the end, the value of life, in a funny and touching number which once again hit the mark.

Family, homosexuality and celibacy

As for the guests, Mélanie Ghanimé drew her gags from the stories of her “fucked up family”, Jean-Michel Antil came to talk about his relationship with training and Phil Roy, his love life. Jonathan Roberge made us very excited to see his first one man show, with an intelligent monologue on the relationship of straight men with homosexuality.

Mario Jean, he had a lot to say against the “accursed empty sentence it will be fine“. “At the start of 2020, things were going well. There is someone who broke a chain of letters somewhere, ”he presumed, before also attacking the conspirators. “They have asymptomatic intelligence,” he believes. They are brilliant, but it doesn’t show. ”

Under the cover of her stereotypical character Marie-Josée Painchaud, a matante from Boucherville full of prejudices, Rosalie Vaillancourt has flayed the artistic milieu. According to his character, Maripier Morin was tired of eating salad. “She saw Safia Nolin’s big fat thigh, she couldn’t resist.” Obviously, it was necessary to enter the second degree.

We were also treated to some very original numbers, including a choreography by actress Ariel Charest, who did lipsync on words from Justin Trudeau, Horacio Arruda and Minister Nathalie Roy. Fabien Cloutier also did a funny circus act with Jacob Grégoire, from Flip Fabrique.

Highlights: The next ComediHa Gala! to be broadcast on the ComediHa.TV platform will take place on Wednesday, with a concept evening dedicated to Bleu Jeans Bleu.

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