Photos: Election advertisements were the targets of blatant vandalism in Vantaa – MP fears for his safety

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During the rest of the week, advertisements of SDP's parliamentary election candidate Kimmo Kiljunen were burned in Vantaa's Länsimäki. Kiljunen says that he has filed a criminal complaint about the matter.

Photos: Election ads were the targets of vandalism in Vantaa – MP simply for his safety

Jussi Saramo (left), who is a candidate himself, photographed his fellow member of parliament's burning election ad on Länsimäentie on Sunday evening. Jussi SaramoEveliina Miettuneveliina.miettunen@almamedia.fiYesterday at 11:40

MP Kimmo Kiljunen's (sd) election work took a hard hit when his election ads were burned in the Länsimäki area of ​​Vantaa. The first advertisements were set on fire on the night between Thursday and Friday, after which a total of ten election boards have experienced the same fate.

– There are many other election boards in the area, but the arsons have only targeted mine. That's why this has the taste of personal revenge and threats, Kiljunen commented to Iltalehte.

Kiljunen, who has served as an SDP MP for more than 20 years, has faced vandalism before, but not on this scale. Kiljunen finds it especially worrying that it is his own residential area.

– For the safety of himself and his family, these actions are considered, Kiljunen says.

Interference with election work

Defacement and destruction of election advertisements is an unfortunately common phenomenon during elections. Just a few days ago, Iltalehti reported how Kuopio's Marko Kilve (kok)'s election ad was shot full of holes.

– Election peace is a sacred thing in democracy. There is always a reason to intervene when violating it, Kiljunen comments and says that he filed a criminal complaint on Monday.

Kiljunen has had discussions, not only with the authorities, but also with the Vantaa Central Election Board. In both cases, systematic vandalism against one candidate was considered a serious matter.

– This burning of election advertisements is a way to disrupt my election work. Hopefully, the perpetrators will be caught, for example, with the help of nearby surveillance cameras.

MP Kimmo Kiljunen presents his burned election advertisement in front of Alepa in Kuulakuja. Kimmo Kiljunen

According to Kiljunen, the total value of the burned paintings is around 400 euros. However, the financial loss does not bother him.

– The impact on the election budget is small, but significant on the feeling of security.

Kimmo Kiljunen has served as an SDP member of parliament from 1995 to 2011 and again from 2019. He is also a member of the Vantaa city council and former chairman of the council.

A couple of Kimmo Kiljunen's election ads have been burned in front of Alepa in Kuulakuja. Kimmo Kiljunen

Photos: Election ads were the targets of apparent vandalism in Vantaa – MP simply for his safety

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