Photoelectric toothbrush – a revolution in dentistry

Photoelectric toothbrush – a revolution in dentistry

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 Photoelectric toothbrush - a revolution in dentistry

For an ideal and thorough cleaning of teeth in Israel, a new product from SOLADEY — a photoelectric toothbrush that removes plaque and whitens teeth using only light and water.

 Photoelectric toothbrush revolutionizes dentistry

Photo: Shirley Kfir

Benefits of the SOLADEY toothbrush:

  • Effectively removes double plaque using only light and electrons
  • You will naturally whiten your teeth and remove tobacco and coffee stains
  • Reduces bad breath
  • No need for toothpaste
  • Bacteria-removing activity is maintained up to 12 hours after brushing due to electrons left in the mouth.
  • Significantly improves gum health
  • Brush fibers made from antibacterial Japanese oak
  • Up to 22,000 strokes per minute for perfect cleaning
  • Indicator light shows electron activity while brushing

So how does the technology work? Clinical studies conducted at universities in Canada and the United States have confirmed the effectiveness of this method of cleaning.

 Photoelectric toothbrush revolutionizing dentistry

Photo: Shirley Kfir

The brush is suitable for children over 10 years old, but there is also a model suitable for younger children.

The brush head is removable, and 4 types of brush heads can be purchased depending on the condition of the teeth and personal preferences.

Due to common gum problems in the population, Japanese scientists have developed a special brush head with soft and fine fibers, which is suitable for bleeding or inflamed gums.

It is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months, depending on the frequency use and wear of brush fibers.

Millions of brushes have already been sold in Japan and around the world and are likely to change the future.

Available at:
Price: 597 NIS

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