Photo shooters photographed the new Audi RS Q5. Will become a hybrid

Photo shooters photographed the new Audi RS Q5. Will become a hybrid

Audi has long been talking about updating the Q5 crossover. The debut of the restyling version may be in the offensive rock, and the prototypes of the post-ashlyahovik are increasingly being played on the streets. Now our photo shooters could spice up the sporty version of the RS Q5. It looks like wine will become a hybrid.

In the photographs presented, there is definitely a sports vikonnannya. Tse pomitno for deakie characteristic details. For example, for the design of the front part. However, there are others. So, on the rear right fender, you can see the port for charging.

Let's be honest, what's true about the gasoline-electric Audi is still in advance. However, our photo spy gun is very sensitive to the sound characteristic of such cars, which, having seen the prototype for an hour of acceleration. .jpg” alt=”Photographers took pictures of the new Audi RS Q5. Will become a hybrid” />

But what about destroying the new RS Q5? Our colleagues admit that in the basis of the power plant we use a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6, and, perhaps, one electric motor. The machine is sharpened forward for maximum output, which explains the presence of a small battery, which ensures a power reserve of only 20 km.

Unfortunately, there is still little information about the crossover. According to people who know the situation at Audi, the project is at an early stage and will not enter the market until the other half of 2024. But let's get the car in the status of the concept, better for everything, better than the offensive rock.