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Phone in the dark: how to properly use a gadget during blackouts or at night

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

Phone in the dark: how to use the gadget correctly during blackouts or at night

Using a smartphone has its own peculiarities, for example, you can not talk on the phone while charging. There are tricks for spending the night with your smartphone, especially if you have a power outage. In this case, it is worth saving energy and you can use the smartphone as a flashlight.

The flash of the smartphone can perform the role of a lamp and illuminate the room. You can soften the harsh light from it by placing a napkin or paper on it, or by using a color filter. It can be glass or plastic.

When using your phone in bed at night, place it on a surface away from your face to reduce eye strain. To save the charge of the smartphone during blackouts at night, it is worth reducing the brightness of the screen. Dimming the light will not only reduce energy consumption, but it will also not disturb you if other people are sleeping next to you. You can also achieve energy-saving effects by using a dark app theme.

You can also turn off unnecessary functions at night, remove background apps, and limit data usage. Turn on Power Saver or Low Power Mode on your device to automatically reduce battery-draining features.

Natasha Kumar

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