Phil Foden starred in a scandal for the argument with his girlfriend on an island in Greece.

At the end of June, Phil Foden, a player for the English team Manchester City, was in the news in the United Kingdom not because of the football season finale, but because of a heated argument he had with his longtime girlfriend, Rebecca Cooke, while they were on vacation on a Greek island. The fight was of such magnitude that they were taken from the beach they were on.

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According to that country's tabloid The Sun, in the fight Cooke claimed the player after having checked his cell phone. The woman, who is the mother of Foden's two children, told him, “We can't take you anywhere, this always happens.”

According to the British media, the reason for the discussion was that when checking his phone, Cooke discovered that the player had 'liked' an underwear photo of influencer Holly Burns.

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Online interaction would not have changed to anything other than that 'like', however, this did not it is the first time that Foden has been involved in a similar scandal.

In 2020, The Sun recalled, the footballer was returned home from a trip that the team had made to Iceland after that he invited two women to his room, along with his then partner

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