Pharmacy blogger Ekaterina Didenko after the death of her husband getting a boob job

Russian pharmacy blogger Ekaterina Didenko, whose husband died during the party using dry ice, has decided to increase Breasts. The girl left two children, while it does not exclude the possibility again to become a mother.

Аптечный блогер Екатерина Диденко после смерти мужа хочет увеличить грудь

The incident happened more than two months ago, when Didenko celebrated a birthday. In addition to the spouse of a blogger has died two more people, but she tries to continue to live as accustomed. She often appears on TV and maintains his own profile in Instagram, where the number of subscribers after the tragedy only increased. Recently “drugstore revizorro” admitted that her small Breasts were perceived as a complex from childhood. In the new publication, she said that didn’t decide on surgery, because the fed heirs. She and her husband agreed that under the surgeon’s knife Ekaterina Didenko will fall after the third child, and the pregnancy was planned for the autumn.

The blogger says that there is such a step just for itself, it wants to be satisfied with the reflection in the mirror. During the operation, the girl was not planning to damage the mammary gland, not excluding that in her life can still occur births. The intervention could take place in a few days, but about a fifth the size of the question.

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