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Pharmacist explained the danger of expired drugs |  News |  News

Vera Bashkina, a pharmacist at the Department of Anticancer Drug Therapy, told why expired drugs cannot be used.

In an interview with the agency “Prime” on Tuesday, July 13, the specialist said that the drug manufacturer is responsible for the expiration date indicated on the package of the drug, which is determined through long research.

The expert explained that the instructions for the medicine indicate its quality characteristics, as well as possible side effects, which the manufacturer warns about in advance. If the person taking the medicine has some kind of unexpected reaction to it, then the manufacturer is liable up to criminal, writes NSN. After the expiration date, the manufacturer is not responsible for its quality.

An expired drug can lose its properties, as well as cause dangerous reactions, the TV channel “360” notes. Taking such a drug is a risk to health and, possibly, life, the specialist emphasized.

In addition to the shelf life, it is important to observe the storage regime of the drug – light, temperature, humidity. Storage information is also indicated in the instructions.

At the end of June, cardiologist Anna Korenevich spoke about the consequences of taking certain medications in the heat. Some drugs can cause severe swelling, she said. In particular, these are calcium channel blockers. The specialist advised to change the drug when edema appeared.

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