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The Canadian fashion mogul has yet to be sentenced since the guilty verdict at his November 2023 rape trial in Toronto.

Peter Nygard has a new lawyer: Megan Savard

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Peter Nygard arrives at Toronto court in a police cruiser on October 3, 2023, at the start of closing arguments in his trial. (Archive photo)

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In Toronto, Peter Nygard has a new lawyer after Brian Greenspan's recusal a month ago. Megan Savard agreed to represent him at the sentencing hearings, which are still pending.

Peter Nygard was not present this time before Judge Robert Goldstein, but Me Megan Savard confirmed during a very brief hearing on Tuesday that she was taking over from Me Brian Greenspan in this case.

The 82-year-old businessman was convicted in November of raping 4 women, including a minor, there is over 20 years old, in his former fashion workshop in Toronto.

The fallen fashion designer's last appearance in Ontario Superior Court was on January 30, via video conference from a Toronto jail.

At that time he was still bedridden in the infirmary of the Toronto South Detention Centre, where he is being held in preventive detention while awaiting transfer to a federal penitentiary.

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He had made it known, during his two previous appearances at the beginning of the year, that he was too weak to go to the prison cabin provided for daily virtual appearances.

Mr. Savard is the one who defended Jacob Hoggard, almost two years ago, during the first trial of the singer of the former group Hedley.

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Jacob Hoggard accompanied by his wife and his lawyer, Megan Savard, during the singer's trial in Toronto, in spring 2022. (Photo d 'archives)

Mr. Greenspan had explained to the magistrate that the bond of trust which united him to his client was broken, and that he could no longer represent him, neither in Toronto, nor in Winnipeg, where Mr. Nygard must still be tried for similar charges.

Peter Nygard's next trial, scheduled for this summer in Quebec, is, however, not affected by the decision of Me Greenspan, since he had already told Radio-Canada last fall that a French-speaking law firm had been chosen to represent him in this latest case.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Mr. Savard and the prosecutors agreed to meet on February 27 to set the date for the rapist's sentencing hearing.

Prosecutor Neville Golwalla suggested the hearing would take place in April.

Peter Nygard faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. Neither the Crown nor the defense have yet indicated the number of years they will ask the judge.

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