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Pétanque Explorer: the McFly and Carlito event seduces Internet users

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

After Squeezie and his GP Explorer, it was the turn of the duo of YouTubers McFly and Carlito to offer another event of this kind but this this time, no Formula 4 but balls… Yes, pétanque balls forthe first edition of the Pétanque Explorer which took place this June 22 à Nice. An event that was a hit !

Pétanque Explorer: the McFly and Carlito event seduces Internet users

Pétanque was a hit on YouTube with McFly and Carlito< /h2>

Direction the Albert 1er park at Nice, where this Saturday June 22 took place the Pétanque Explorer organized by YouTubers McFly and Carlito. The event which welcomed 2,300 people is none other thana pétanque tournament (as its name suggests) and saw eight teams of two YouTubers or streamers compete . Thus, the public present on site and Internet users were able to see the two organizers play against each other. Amixem and Thomas Deseur, Natoo and Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, Baghera Jones and Maghla, Maxime and Elian, Djilsi and Joyca, Freddy Gladieux and Aurélien and Terracid and Grim. These duos played à play pétanque for seven hours after being played coached by professionals in this sport.

Let's go for the P&etanque Explorer

June 22, 2024

< p>For the occasion, the P&etanque Explorer, like the Squeezie Formula 4 event, was broadcast throughout the year. live on the McFly and Carlito YouTube channel with comments provided by the sports journalist specializing in pétanque, Maxime Gras, accompanied by from the YouTuber Mister MVwho led the animation.

In the end, it was Djilsi and Joyca who found themselves face to face with each other. Maxime and Elian for the final which lasted heh. It was the latter who won. the tournament by finishing the match 13th to 2.

Pétanque Explorer: the McFly and Carlito event seduces Internet users

The event attracted professional pétanque players to both sides. like Jean-Marc Foyot who was full of praise for this P&etanque Explorer. He declared: that what he had seen on June 22, he had rarely seen anywhere else; pétanque even going to congratulate McFly and Carlito by telling them who have “brought honor to this sport“. On the side Internet users, they are more than 100,000 people who followed the live and discovered a sport thanks to the two YouTubers. Severe; also, the P&etanque Explorer was added. a success if the comments they left are to be believed. on X and which we invite you to discover below.


I've been watching #petanqueexplorer since this afternoon and it's a real treat! It's also great in my city. This event is a pleasure. It's really great to follow. A great thing

June 22, 2024


#petanqueexplorer was a banger. The level of the two semi-finals and the final was legendary. Maxime's last two shots to close it out looked like it was scripted. It's going to be hard to do better for the 2nd. It would definitely be a success

June 22, 2024



June 22, 2024


I just spent 8 hours live at #PetanqueExplorer. I am sensible what to do now? Resume my life as if nothing had happened. ?

June 22, 2024


I never succeeded in doing this. watch the pétanque championships on Sunday morning on France 3 but you put me on YouTubers that I don't even watch, all of them in competition and I want to know who wins at the end of the day. the end… #PétanqueExplorer

June 22, 2024


The #PétanqueExplorer, a great streaming moment by @levraimcfly & @Raphael_Carlier, inspired by by @ThomasDeseur. Quality content, extremely well produced. The French YouTube game is really, really bad! And long live the balls! ?

June 22, 2024


I want to explore them every year, no matter the sport, I would look at them every year. every time #petanqueexplorer

June 22, 2024


Big atmosphere at agrave; the House !
Football match? Rugby? Tennis?
No, P&eac;tanque Explorer!#pétanqueexplorer

June 22, 2024


Maybe I really am the grandma I think I am ;be but #pétanqueexplorer is also really the perfect kind of thing to sit down and do crochet/knitting while watching ?￰゚リフ?

June 22, 2024


The king we deserve! ?

It was really great to follow this pétanque day in Paris. home doing things at home next to it and to no longer think about nothing else!#petanqueexplorer@maximebiaggi@elianventre

June 22, 2024

#11< /h2>

Mister MV all day: HISTORY #PetanqueExplorer

June 22, 2024


Thank you Internet. Entertainment will win. (Maxime Biaggi MVP) #PetanqueExplorer

June 22, 2024


We don't talk enough about how incredible the finale was, the 4 together 'was crazy #petanqueExplorer

June 22, 2024


The #PetanqueExplorer was so incredible! Thank you for making us experience moments like this! @levraimcfly @Raphael_Carlier @JoycaOff @maximebiaggi le goat

June 22, 2024


Maxime Biaggi is a god of pétanque. #PetanqueExplorer

June 22, 2024

And to continue with McFly and Carlito, we suggest you see or rewatch this incredible challenge that the duo achieved. at Parc Astérix.

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