Peskov realized that it would be good for Zelensky and Ukraine

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Peskov realized what would be good for Zelensky and Ukraine

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The main servant of the Kremlin pensioner said that his master “is and will be”, commenting on the words of Vladimir Zelensky, who doubted the existence of Putin.

“It is clear that both Russia and Putin for Ukraine and for Zelensky – this is a big problem. And it is clear that, purely psychologically, Mr. Zelensky would prefer that neither Russia nor Putin exist,” RBC quotes Peskov’s not-unfounded assumption.

“The main mustache of Russia” they think that the sooner the Ukrainian authorities “realize that Russia and Putin exist and will exist”, and that they will have to “renounce everything anti-Russian”, the supposedly better for Ukraine.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine said, that he is not entirely sure that the Kremlin elder is still alive.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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