Peskov is unaware of plans to introduce a new lockdown

Peskov is unaware of plans to introduce a new lockdown

Peskov is unaware of plans to introduce a new lockdown – The Kremlin hasn't heard of plans to introduce a second lockdown, but has transferred anyone it possibly can to remote control, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“I have not heard that there were any discussions on this score. You know that the growing numbers of the number of cases are a very serious reason to mobilize and become much more careful in everyday life. This applies to each of us. As for the lockdown, I have not heard such discussions, “Peskov told reporters, quoted by Interfax.

On Monday, the newspaper Vedomosti reported, citing a source, that the Moscow mayor's office is preparing to tighten measures to combat coronavirus. The toughest option involves the announcement of 100 percent self-isolation and a return to access control, as well as the possibility of blocking social cards of pensioners and schoolchildren for travel in the metro.

On October 1, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin issued a decree obliging all employers to transfer at least 30% of employees to remote work from October 5. From 5 to 18 October in Moscow schools announced an extraordinary vacation.

Earlier, on September 29, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that the Upper House should switch to a safer mode of operation.

“Committees and factions, see what you can offer us within the framework of transferring to the videoconference mode, where possible, during round tables, expert platforms, during committee meetings,” Volodin said (quoted by The Bell).

He also asked the faction to limit the number of visitors, saying that 18 deputies were hospitalized with coronavirus, 60 have already been ill and have antibodies, and State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vakha Agayev died of coronavirus at the age of 67.

The Kremlin also took precautions. Peskov said today that “in the presidential administration in those divisions where possible, employees have switched to remote work.” He found it difficult to answer the question, how many employees went to work remotely, but noted that the AP “is flexible in approach” to this issue and, most importantly, “to ensure the continuity of the work of this most important organization.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Sobyanin announced the opening of two back-up coronavirus hospitals at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center and the Krylatskoye Ice Palace.

In addition, the authorities began to actively fine theaters, concert halls and other places of mass gathering of people for violating the mask regime.

As the headquarters of Moscow notes, “the capital is again experiencing an acute period of a pandemic, so the city authorities require residents and businesses to strictly observe safety rules.”

According to the headquarters, since March, citizens and guests of the capital received 752,000 fines.

“Considering that in April-June, at least 8 million people had to comply with the self-isolation regime, then every tenth person was fines. Business has been prosecuted over 27 thousand times. In 150 cases, the most severe measure was applied – a temporary suspension of activities. And these measures worked, ”the statement in the Telegram channel of the capital's headquarters says.

Meanwhile, over the past 24 hours, 3,537 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the capital, 771 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized. There are 251 people on ventilators in Moscow hospitals.

In general, in Russia, 10,888 new cases of coronavirus were detected in 84 regions per day, 117 died, 3,181 people recovered.

The text was prepared by Alexandra Shnitnikova

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