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Personality test: which Avenger would be your best friend?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Like every week, we meet for a new personality test. In 10 questions, we try to understand your personality, associating it with your personality. emblematic works ofpop culture. Last week, for example, we offered you: to find out if you could be aSith Lordin theStar Warsuniverse. Today, we turn to Marvel, by lifting the veil on an existential question: which Avenger would be your best friend ?

< p>Personality test: which Avenger would be your best friend?

find your best friend among the avengers

It's already been a while five years since Avengers: Endgame, the fourth part of the saga and the last film of the Thanos era, was released in cinemas. By bringing together our Marvel superheroes favorites and by multiplying the cult, epic or moving scenes, the film has won an immense critical and commercial success.

The upcoming Avengers films, The Kang Dynastyand Secret Wars, are expected to be released in April 2026 and May 2027, respectively. 'they are expected at the turning point by the fans, they know that they will not find the same team as in the past, largely replaced by the super- heroes introduced in the Multiverse arc. The question is therefore whether the public will be able to achieve this. attach as much to the new “Avengers” as to the old ones. While waiting to discover it, we go back a few years and help you to find out more. discover who your best friend would be among the original Avengers of the MCU.

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