Perfect days: Kamensky and Potap rest together in Mexico

The lovers spend their time in warm edges

Идеальные дни: Каменских и Потап вместе отдыхают в Мексике

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

The couple star Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, which become coaches of the anniversary season of “Golos Krainy 10”, after the holidays, went on vacation. The lovers share a joint personnel from Sunny Mexico on their pages on Instagram.

See, where still rested Potap and Nastya:

Producer Potap saw the New year in Egypt, where he performed with a group MOZGI. Obviously, the artist decided to rehabilitate his wife Nastya Kamenskih and took her to vacation to Mexico.

The social network Alexey Potapenko posted a selfie with NK, briefly signing it: “Perfect days began”.

Kamensky also has pleased fans with footage from the warmer. The star posted a photograph with her husband, where posing in a black leather skirt and blouse in colors. Curls Nastya was decorated with a scarlet flower.

Fans wrote hundreds of enthusiastic comments about lovers, among them was a funny remark: “don Pedro”, “Potap without a beard looks like Mickey Rourke in his youth,” “You each other do not come, you are different!”, “Happy and beautiful”.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle psychologist and writer Anna Boginskaya has commented on the publication in Instagram Nastya Kamensky and alyona alyona.

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