People's deputy Marchenko, the court chose the amount of bail in the case of bribes for leaving Ukraine

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The court chose the bail amount for Nardep Marchenko in the bribery case for leaving Ukraine

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court appointed 53, 6 thousand hryvnias of the deposit of People's Deputy Lyudmila Marchenko, who is suspected of abusing her influence and receiving illegal benefits, the press service of the SAP reported.

According to the investigation, the People's Deputy and her assistant promised citizens for a monetary reward to ensure that the authorized persons of the regional military administration make a decision on permission to travel outside of Ukraine, as well as the entry of relevant information into the Information System “Shlyah”. . US dollars from two citizens for unimpeded crossing of the border,” the message says.

In addition to making a deposit, the People's Deputy must appear before the detective, the prosecutor, and the court upon every request, and inform them of a change in their place of residence and work. , refrain from communicating with witnesses, as well as other suspects in the case.

Marchenko must also hand over her passport.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych